Status Update 17.8


Unsurprising that proposed deadlines missed again, but more importantly: what sort of extra will be done to compensate those who’ve waited 10+ months?

That means money was saved up and set aside to update a device. But that takes longer than a year, also without the ability to get another device because money is held up.

There’s been plenty of written apology but zero action showing an empathy to the pain these delays have caused. In an earlier thread Konsta said he’d make it up to those who waited, and make them whole. At the time I thought that would be addressed with extra items being sent (such as some sd cards) but now realize was just now meaningless words said by Konsta to calm a crowd getting frustrated with broken promises.


He’s already got a product out to hundreds is not thousands of people around the world…


Where is My Unit then?


Yeah, what’s wrong with all those people who don’t trust the fifth timeline (etimated delivery date at purchase: Jan/ Feb; ‘Your device is scheduled for shipping in the last week of April.’ From an email on the 4th of April; ‘Lastly, we currently cannot a reason why it would take longer than 30th of June for your device to arrive, since the order tracker is a personalized view, I cannot see it from my end, but I do believe that your device should be there around mid-June.’ From an email on the 19th of May; refunds: September) EveTech is conjuring up out of thin air and will most likely break?
Help you if you think that will happen.


I feel everyone’s pain for the delays. As a hyper early backer I ordered my Eve V in November 2016 and only received it in December 2017 after multiple delays. I have to believe that the Eve team is doing everything they can to get Eve V in your hands, but they have been plagued by an incredible run of back luck. Maybe their size hasn’t helped get the leverage they need with the partners who withheld payments etc. It’s great to hear they have a backer to provide funding to get devices out and allow them to grow. I really want Eve to survive so they can continue to support backers/customers and go on to develop more great devices.
I backed the Eve V because I truly believe in the idea to crowd source the design of devices and cut out the middle men. For those still waiting, hang in there. Eve V is still a fantastic device and it can hold its own against any of the competitors in terms of quality, performance, features and overall value for money. For those who really needed a device for what ever reason I do feel for you. I recommended Eve V to a work colleague who needed a replacement for their broken laptop. They ordered in December and are still waiting, I feel guilty every time we meet. They have however decided to wait it out rather than request a refund and I hope they will be happy with their Eve V when it finally arrives.


in business, there is no luck… it’s more of bad business’s decisions… they lied and lied who can still believe that the team is still even exist.
it’s a prime example of scammers…

i wonder how @Konstantinos can still live normally while scamming off other people hard earned money…


Businesses suffer from bad luck all the time. No business in the world has control over everything…especially small ones. You can take exception with Eve’s decisions that have made bad situations worse, that’s fine. I.E. they didn’t have a backup screen supplier. The situation (delays) was caused by the actions of the supplier (producing bad screens and trying to force Eve to accept them). Eve should have been better prepared and it’s not unreasonable to say so. However, to not place the majority of the blame the screen supplier and only persecute Eve is unreasonable and frankly, disingenuous and shows a lack of decency as a consumer.

The same can be said of the delays caused by 4PX, frozen funds, etc.

Is anyone out there making any effort to hold those companies accountable for their actions? If you’re not then maybe you should.

To anyone who has said that they are just trying to prevent anyone else from becoming a victim, you aren’t really helping if you aren’t fighting the root cause. PayPal will freeze another company’s funds and cause financial hardships. 4PX will damage more packages. Microsoft will release more bad updates. Manufacturers will drop the ball on QC. But go ahead, keep placing all the blame on the little start-up that has limited control over the actions of the companies that they do business with.

Eve is trying. The team still exists. They are not the the only ones to blame for the problems we’re all dealing with.


but eve are the only ones who are directly addressable via this community. it’s always easy to hit somebody with a incognito profile in any community… I take my hat off to eves perseverance with all the insults they have to endure…


I wonder if there will be another email on August 31st about another incoming delay for shipping & refund… by that time the CPU will be 2 years old. Sad that I wasted so much time waiting when I could’ve been so much more productive in the last 9 months with a deliverable product :frowning:


I mean idk what you’re gonna use yours for but this is clearly a endurance device not a hardcore performance beast. So your experience with the processor shouldn’t really change much. Sure there may be a more efficient processor coming out but power efficency doesn’t age as much as performance. And if you wanted to use yours for slightly heavy useage (I play fortnite, league, civ, overwatch, rocket league) then if you’re reasonable, you will be super satisfied. This device does not have a fan and still gets better performance than some of my friends’ older i7 fanned devices. And battery life is great, solid 8 hours with chrome and switching desktops at work with game on one and work on the other (SHHHHH DONT TELL MY BOSS!)


Right… a slightly older processor itself isn’t a deal breaker for me (considering that I’m pretty happy with my Haswell MBP 15) what I don’t like is the idea of waiting so long for a piece of technology (I’m referring to the Kaby Lake chip) that’s widely available for a long time. I wasn’t expecting too much performance in the first place when I ordered the lowest spec V in December. I’m only mad at the constantly changing deadline for shipping (Jan/Feb => Mar => Jun => Aug), the aging chip is just a byproduct of those delays. I’m heavily dependant on a laptop for my study/work. Every time they change their means spending another 2~3 month on an old laptop that hampers my productivity. I end up buying a MBP from my friend in April so I have a reliable computer to use. And I’m glad I bought it, because otherwise I’d be stuck on an old computer for another 4 months (at least). I acknowledge the difficulties faced by a startup company like this, but 9 months of wait plus those radio silence destroyed the credibility and image of this business for me (and many others who wanted to support this startup). I’d have no problem with all the delays if this was an indiegogo campaign… but I do have different expectations for a product that’s pushed to the mass market.

I do agree that my experience with the processor probably wouldn’t change much :slight_smile: though I can’t say the same for the user experience

(Typed this on a phone so pls forgive my typos/mistakes)


You are totally right about the shit luck they are having and maybe a lack of big business experience hasn’t helped. But there lack of communication and customer service IS entirely on them, I don’t even mean in the community necessarily but not replying to service tickets about hardware failures for months… that’s not really acceptable, and the reason why above all I tell people not to buy one. No other company I have ever dealt with have done that and I bet it’s the same for most others.


The shameful thing is that they still market the V as being now available. This has been a lie all year. It was a lie when I ordered mine in March and it is still a lie today.


I do tend to agree, considering all the issues they’ve had and are still having they should really make it widely known on their website if they’re going to still buy people buy the V.


I really, really hope you guys have got those tracking numbers ready. I’d be really sad if I had to cancel my order as I’ve had my dbrand skin sitting at home for nearly half a year already.


I’d be disappointed if I had to cancel my order as well, as I’m really sold on the device. I’m yet to buy a skin for it yet though but probably will when it gets dispatched.

However even I’m wondering how many more chances to give Eve, could all easily be bad news when the next update comes out on (supposedly) Wednesday. Obviously I’m hoping for good news though.


I got the red dragon back, wonderful grip but the new camo looks nice too. I have the marble trackpad and it is super pretty I wish I got that for the back but not sure how it will hold up to staining from natural oils, trackpad still looks clean but the back might get gross faster.