Status Update 17.8


Hello Community!

Here comes this week’s update. Unfortunately we do not yet have permission from our investor’s legal team to post the big update we have prepared. Regardless, after the current rush of negotiations we will update you next Wednesday on the situation, with as much detail as we are allowed to. We really want to share the details on these exciting developments with all of you, but I’m sure you understand we cannot go behind their backs on this.
The good news is that our shipping schedule is still unaffected. I am heading to China this Sunday with the team to help prepare everything for shipping. We are looking forward to getting the Vs out to those still waiting, and putting these delays behind us.

Shipping schedule for the end of August is unaffected! Looking forward to the next week.


@Konstantinos - what about info on faulty design of Mozo magnetic sleeve you promissed multiple times … last time over month and half ago … or your word means nothing?


@Konstantinos : that is good to read for sure but what about the missing accessories? Can we have a schedule too at least?


Thanks for the updates, hope you can get over of this!


Hi @Konstantinos ! When will we receive the refund?


Sounds like the deal has gone through but you just can’t announce it then @Konstantinos ?

Great to hear shipping by end of August is still unaffected though, can’t wait to finally have my Eve V in my hands.


Well at this stage eve is an incredible company indeed (literally).


Good luck getting a response man. Seems to be the modus operandi now, Konsta logs in, posts an update and disappears until next week. Sad thing is, doesn’t seem to be any other employee at Eve who visits the forums anymore either so answers are slim and far between.


Nothing about refunds again.

It’s also tragically entertaining that you can’t even announce a pre-announcement of an announcement without being late on the actual announcement, twice.


hope for better news next week so!
For all of us, waiting for their shipping i hope there will be…

also for people that waiting on reply cuz of service / support and refound… the queue should be very very very long with alot of unsolved tickets…
@Konstantinos also a part to focus on please, when ure in china :wink:


Shipping unaffected? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Let’s just wait until we get the next update when your shipping estimate simply changes moves from “August” to “2019”


@Konstantinos your updates since December 2017 have all been inaccurate - I have read your message - but remain completely unconvinced - once again, your bullshit raises more questions than it answers.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: yeah right


guys we made progress, now it’s not wait until next friday, it’s wait until Wednesday.


good news to all people waiting for a V. the triangle of price, quality and time is still valid. the price of the V was low, the time for production is very long so the quality must be incredible… it is even getting better every week we wait for changes😜. please let Konstantinos have two sweet days with his family before he starts fighting for you in China and stop adding his name to your massages… always think about what this very young redhead guy has reached in his life and how big the pressure is to him… @anon68415131 @Pixolution @Robbo-92 and all the others…


@ refunds: I do not think that has changed, wasn’t it September? If the August-delivery did not change, I do not think refunds have changed. Just wait and STFU… oh, sorry :smiley: :blush::grimacing: , STHU is better maybe… oh, nevermind. (This comment will be flagged, I guess :roll_eyes: )


Oh, the post reads: he disappears only until next Wednesday: technically speaking there is some progress :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@konstantantinos has got to be delirious if he thinks he can get a product out. Can’t even get an announcement out on time! We just hang there for 7 months or more and wait.


Updates have been coming every Friday so those have been on time. I’m not sure what you mean about an announcement not being made on time. If you’re referring to the announcement that we’re waiting for about the investor then maybe you should re-read the post. Eve cannot legally make the announcment yet.


No idea what his hair colour has to do with anything but ok. He’s achieved a lot though and I imagine he’s under a fair bit of pressure currently but without sounding unfair surely this comes with running and owning your own business? Especially while it’s going through a rough patch.

Not sure how you know the quality is getting better as each week goes by though? I’ve not seen anything mentioning as such and I don’t think any V’s have been dispatched for weeks.

I don’t think anyone who tags him in a post is stopping him spending time with his family or purposely trying to annoy him in any way, more we use it as a way to try and interact with the head of the company we’re in the process of buying or getting support from. It’s also a forum which allows users to converse via tagging so I don’t see the issue?