Starting something new? Accessory with Mozo?



:fire::fire::fire:STARTING SOMETHING NEW!:fire::fire::fire:

Hello everyone! So this is where I start!

At the moment all the team is fully focusing on delivering the devices as quick as possible to you and to tackle all sort of issues popping up. As you might know I just join recently and I would want to explore further the development of new products in the community. So here we go!

So I spoke yesterday with the Mozo guys and they told me that they have lately developed more backpacks, handbags, pouches and similar items. Getting a good deal of experience out of it.

Then i thought. mmmm after the sleeves this could be an interesting opportunity. :thinking::thinking:

So… How about developing an item to transport your device and your precious goodies.

What do you think about starting a new accessory project with MOZO?

  • Nah…
  • Yep. why not…
  • Yes yes!!! Let´s kick it now

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Please share what you think about the current design process and if you have notes about how we could improve it in this project.I will layout the project plan and the different phases accordantly to this input as well

[Project B] The start
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Great Idea.
I am still looking for “the perfect bag” for my stuff :wink:


Same here :wink: still looking for it!


I think this is an interesting bag

But I need something outside to keep this
handy. So you don’t have to open the backbag.

And then bag need to be waterproof or resistance. So we don’t have to worry about a little rain


It is a bit cheaper on


I have the

and I love it! I very much prefer messenger bags over backpacks. Not that handy on a bicycle, but otherwise it’s way easier imo. I also like

(they also made a pouch for iPad accessoires with fittings for the charger, cables, the pencil etc, which was awesome!)
but there aren’t many “cheap” (around the €150) good looking messenger bags. If there are please share!

Then again, the V is a lot smaller then most laptops. So it’ll be easier to put in any bag.

Also, this concept:


There are thousands of high quality bags out there. Do we really want to make one more?! It’s not like you can innovate much. I’ve even seen bags with computers built in. It’s a saturated market that I heavily doubt Eve could make a dent.

One thing is thinking the idea is cool. Another is analysing if it is viable or not.


You sure this isn’t a fake? I’ve bought (cheaper) fakes before on Aliexpress. Visually convincing fakes


I remember a kickstarter for it… Or at least something with a similar design. I know that in China people are trying to reverse engineer certain products shown on kickstarter/IGG/etc and flood the market before it comes out.


You are right, they are copies that are not sold under the original concept name…

(The wholesale price of the counterfeit version can be as cheap as USD 5…


I don’t want to buy it. It’s just an idea for the mozo thing.

I thought we are brain storming for ideas. That’s why I wrote some improvments to get a better one.


Another kickstarter backpack design:
And they already have the V logo on the straps :wink: (part of the company logo)


Love this idea! @Dario are we allowed to include technology in the design such as battery packs etc or is it just a basic bag.

Also I’m not too keen on backpacks I much prefer messenger bags. Of course I may be in the minority there.


I actually remember this kickstarter project! It is also quite interesting the bigger travel bag from them


This bag is excellent. Tons of room, not bulky, lots of inside structure for accessories. And it’s stylish in grey edition.


Hello Attiq. In this phase it is too early to give limitations, if we can or can not include tech in the product. We will see what is feasible and what are the needs in later stages of the project. But it will become more clear once we post the project phases if we kick in the project…


I’ve been looking for a nice bike bag for a long time now, which you can also use as a backpack!


Personally, I have too many freebee bags sitting in my closet from University functions, etc, but it still would be fun to help design one!


I understand. I am currently testing a similar kind of product, I wanted to see how I would approach the “bag” and in which situation I use which handle or straps. And overall try this kind of hybrid solutions, I do not know yet how I feel about it… :wink:


Perhaps this is something for u:

I searched the Web yesterday evening for a backbags. My shoulder bag is cultivating some holes because of the every day use for 3 years now.

I am stuck with the original bobby anti theft from xd design. I plan to order one when my V arrives in January.