SSD Sales Have Ended! Thank you for participating!



See above to know why the sale ended :wink:


But the topic title was changed to “congratulations (see why)” and the first post was edited. But I don’t see why congratulations. Now I’m looking for that info.


It looks to me like he is just congratulating those who purchased a 1tb upgrade while it was available, because he is happy eve was able to provide the upgrade for those who wanted it.


Will there be an option for limited birds to purchase the 1TB upgrade?

I have been traveling without digital connections and would have LOVED to get the upgrade.
Actually right after purchase last december I asked about this.
Today I am connected again and just read the message about the upgrade.

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I’d like to second that question. I have been pretty much offline the last few days and wasn’t able to jump in… :frowning:


@karDEL9020 @SuperFluffy
Sadly, this offer was offered to limited birds as well (I still don’t get the early bird/limited bird confusion…) and it was one-time :confused:


which type of ssd in v other variants as 1 tb ssd has samsung SM961 ? :thinking:


It wasn’t limited to early birds was it? It was just that if you were a hyper early bird your order would go out with the early bird shipment.


It was originally hyper early birds and limited birds, if I’m not mistaken and for some reason early birds also came up now, whoever they are :sweat_smile:
But yes, it wasn’t limited to early birds (or limited or whatever? I really don’t get it anymore :joy:), but rather available to both badges for a limited time. I just wanted to say that it’s over now for both badges :smiley:


I don’t understand why they couldn’t just name the stuff normally and not like an asp.
like, early bird and regula order.


i think they need to name as 1 orders , 2 orders , etc . its more simple to understand


There are hyper early birds (first batch) and limited/early birds (second batch).
The next ones are the regular customers from the webshop which will open soon.

The upgrade was offered for the first 2 batches (all Indiegogo orders) and is now over. The Webshop may offer a 1 TB version aswell.


Yes but I recall this was for i7 models only


No, I think you recall it wrongly. It was for everyone who participated in IGG campaign.


I think you are talking about different things - the 1TB SSD was now offered for all backers, but I think @ToiletSheep is talking about a potential model in the webshop with an i7/16GB/1TB. :slight_smile:


Ah, oops. My mistake… Should read more carefully…


Damn … I wanted this but missed it because I was away on business trip … Is there anything that can be done to still order this upgrade?


Always worth trying to email the eve team directly


I was also interested in the upgrade but was away for a few week and now the sales is over. Any chance for me do the upgrade?


You can email the team…worst case is they say no. Best case is yes.