SSD Sales Have Ended! Thank you for participating!



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Thanks to all! Riku have replied me in private about my current condition.


If I understand you correctly you did not purchase a V during the Indiegogo campaign. The 1TB upgrade is only available for IGG backers. I think I saw a post somewhere that mentioned a possibility that the 1TB will be available to i7 buyers when the webshop opens for retail sales.


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What happened to this? I think this is why myself and others were under the impression shipping wouldn’t be affected by the 1tb upgrade


They discovered that the ssd drive wasnt performing to its maximum possible specifications, so they spent a lot of time looking into why that was. They didnt want to offer something that had a problem if they were able to fix it. However, after investigating intel discovered that it’s an issue with the processor or chipset itself and that eve has no control over it, thats what caused the delay. Though i believe that the main promise was not to delay the delivery schedule of the V for those who didn’t want the upgrade, which it hasn’t.


Ah right, that makes sense :slight_smile:


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So what are the benefits, other than size, of the 1tb upgrade? I’m having second thoughts on whether or not to upgrade since i might go with external ssds for audio and video files. Is the 1tb drive a better performer than the original?


After reading the topics, one could say same performance (with some hope of getting better drives) and 4 times to 2 times as big as the one in the V you ordered


It really is just a capacity upgrade. Performance might be ever so slightly better. Battery life might be ever so slightly better. But you’ll have 2 to 8 times the capacity of the default drives.

If you don’t want the added capacity, I’d recommend you don’t upgrade to 1TB. If you do want more capacity, then this is your chance!


How or where do i go to get a refund? I change my mind


write a private message to the team, they’ll take care of it


I opt for performance instead as I email to team for my preference of getting i5. Hope to hear from them soon!


You mean upgrade from m3 to i5? I doubt it’s possible but eve sometimes pleasantly surprises in that department. Best out luck.


Thanks mate, hope to get this for now as I find this device is a solid built from the prototype I saw in the mini Singapore meetup.


@Xinjie Do you know whether Emdoor managed to do any testing on the 1TB drives today?


I just called Emdoor, their testing engineer come back to work tomorrow, so we can get the testing result on earliest 10.10, maybe 11.10.


Help ! I missed the possibility to upgrade the SSD. Could I still do it, by any way ? Please, I was overworked by my job and it get out of my head


@Team I have to ask: why congratulations?


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