SSD Sales Have Ended! Thank you for participating!



I was very interested to buy a T-shirt but for almost 50$ CAD I’ll politely decline the offer. I understand it is to fill the gap in funding but instead I would sell something like a V cap, a V tshirt and a V hoodie at a more balanced price. I would consider buying a hoodie for 49$ USD ( we’re in Canada, it’s getting cold in here! :stuck_out_tongue: )


Oh yeah, I would want to see a hat or a hoodie for sure. If they were selling a whole outfit that also counts towards the purchase of the ssd then I’d probably end up getting it lol.


You realise that would be the exact opposite of the whole “selling shirts” point? :thinking:


Yep. It wasn’t meant to be totally serious :sweat_smile:


@Konstantinos I really like your T-Shirt with the Statue of Liberty in the background of the V-symbol. The one you wore during the last live session. I wonder whether it is possible to get such a beauty.
If that is possible then I could spice up my order (#1120) :wink:


Hiya @Kaum!

Unfortunately those were only available for the people that were there during the NY meetup as far as I know :frowning: I don’t have one either, but @Konstantinos does not one of the cool shirts from Ulm for that :wink:


Hei! Does anyone know that, if I’ve already ordered an EVE, do I still have to pay the shipping of the t-shirt? Doesn’t the t-shirt come with the EVE?


Yes you have to pay. The shirt Will Be deliveree separately from The V as far as i know


Thanks for the answer.

Well, this is a really unpleasant situation. The price of the t-shirt really goes up if you have to pay the shipping too. I have to pay almost half the price of the t-shirt just on the shipping :frowning: As much as I want to help EVE, this is a really bad deal :frowning: I would be happier if I could just make a donation of 35$…


I’ Really confused right now.
I think I’m in the waiting list to buy one, but I can’t tell because I can’t see anywhere any list of reservation.
I would like to buy the 1T acessory (and a sleeve for the Eve) but it demands the information about the chosen model (which I don’t renember [i5 or i7]).
I can even come to the Helsinki office and pick it up from there if that’s the case since I live in Helsinki.


Perhaps…a bit more write speed. So what? I’m guessing the extra 500 GB of space will be used for data or media, as nobody has that many games or programs running on a small laptop. I’d rather have most of my media on a portable drive, or micro-SD, or cloud so I can easily update it or move it. Your mileage may vary. Enjoy your V. I will enjoy mine.


V shirt isn’t applicable for shipping to Egypt, Does this mean that V will also be restricted to previously mentioned countries?!



Hmm, I posted my questions to @iKirin and @riku on this thread 23hrs ago and nobody help me on this?

edit. answer received; Limited Bird.


Riku has a lot of work and he has been busy lately. That’s the simple reason :slight_smile:

If you have questions about your order, you can send them to

Please remember that the team is very busy now because a lot of people have questions about 1TB upgrade and the shirts etc (since the store is open)


Thank for the reply.

I am asking here because I am sure that I am not the only one experiencing this problem of not knowing my order number and its category. I am sure that others in my position would like to know and find out their details as well.

edit: ANSWER: You can see the order type from Indiegogo, or if you don’t have an Indiegogo account on the V campaign, you can see the model from your correspondence with Eve team. You can also continue that email conversation by email.

It is best that all order information is discussed in private with Eve. This way others don’t get confused.


Me too, I took the order of someone else, and I saw my order number when I payed, It was between 2200 and 2400 I dont remember it exactly, I thought that it will be always displayed on my account, but I didn’t find anything afterward, just the amount I payed.
I would really like to be able to know my order number.
and more information about my account.

edit. ANSWER by Eve: Limited Bird, and direct communication to Eve team will also give this info :slight_smile:
Once a person has finalized the order on Backerkit, in the confirmation email there is a link where you can revisit your order.


When you took someone else’s place, you would have filled out a backerkit survey. That survey would have sent you an email confirmation with what you bought. Including accessories and if you’re hyper early bird or regular early bird, you should be able to go through your emails to find out which you are.


edit by Eve. Let’s keep discussion about order contents in private; Eve team always here to help you!

Here (and in other cases) Eve can provide you the info in private. More help also above.


You are a limited bird as the message says that you made a down payment for the V, compared to the early birds who paid for the device fully in advance.


Having so problem with the link to the USD site link returns a 404 error…