SSD Sales Have Ended! Thank you for participating!



Same here - small t-shirts. Ordered big ssd but disappointed with EVE not preordering. The Team should hire someone with at least basic organizational skills.


@Konstantinos is it possible to order the V-Shirt to a other adress than the V? As shipping for the Shirt is 15 Euros to Switzerland. :scream: or can the V and the Shirt be shipped together?


Definitely. Feel free to get it shipped to other country! Shirt will be sent before the V!


Hey @Lukas_Fikr, could you clarify what do you mean by Eve not preordering?


Not having some 1 TB ssds on stock so you can ship HEB on time.


Yeah absolutely. We would love to do that we just couldn’t risk the cash pre-ordering such expensive SSDs. Generally if we were a big cash rich corporation we would not have lead time issues.


OK I do understand this - but you repeatedly promised this - that you will ship bigger drives on time. Another broken promise.


Transfer what? Blu-ray movies will play fine and transfer quickly enough using a micro-SD.


This is really learning from mistakes. We could have promised shipping in the end of October and ship in November. Look Lukas, transparency and people is what our whole team and company built around. We want to be straightforward with our community when situation changes. When there is an opportunity to offer 1TB upgrade, we offer it. When we know that schedule might slip we tell it. We want to build Eve on trust and understanding between users and Eve as a company. We want to remove gap between Eve as a company and users.

We will definitely keep finding ways to improve and your thoughts are needed for us to become better. But it would be great if you stop talking about us breaking promises because


in our eyes situation is like this:

Community: Hey guys can we have 1TB upgrade?
Eve (internally): This is so much hustle, new SKUs, investing more in inventory
Community: Please guys it would be really great to have
Eve: Oky! We will offer 1TB upgrade to i7 versions of V
Community: This is really unfair! We think that all of us has to have a chance to upgrade
Eve: Reasonable! We will do our best to support you guys!

We didn’t give any promises apart from what is now present in the Webstore.

Anyways, we are on users side and we will do everything possible so that you will get the best deal, quality and experience every-time!

Your feedback is good @Lukas_Fikr, make sure to share it! No need to keep telling that we break some promises:)


For me it adds taxes. Is it a bug then?



Thanks bud! Fixed. There was a store bug charging extra taxes for Finnish customers. We have now changed it. People who have already placed an order got charged the correct amount (without extra taxes)


All I’m saying is that you’re clearly paying for more with the V ssd


Thanks for offering the option :slight_smile:


Grrrreat! Just ordered mine and now it worked fine. Thanks for the awesome upgrade! :ok_hand:


…sound so good with the 1TB upgrade - thank you!

What about a “european compatibel” invoice, will i get one for the upgrade?
(i am from germany and need an invoice)

(I still don’t understand the whole “invoice or no invoice” infos for the eve, already asked, but dont understand who’s responsible for the invoice)


@iKirin, @riku
How do I know my order is Hyper Early Birds,Early Birds, Limited Birds? My order was taken over somebody’s place and paid through backerkit. In fact I can’t find order number on my backerkit order confirmation page? I only can see my pledge sum of money and the items that I ordered.


Hey guys I was just looking at the T-shirt. By gosh they are really expensive. Could it be just me?


Just bought the 1TB upgrade
@Team - feedback! When I print the “order confirmation” page (I need some sort of receipt to get the money back from my work) in Chrome (Win 10 x64) it has the order details hidden - only printing the “Show order summary V” and the amount at the top. It looks like I should be able to click the “V” to expand the summary but of course being a printout I can’t!

It would be nice to be able to get a proper receipt - for the moment printing the emailed order confirmation will have to do I guess.


Yeah 35€ for a t shirt is a pretty salty price. Maybe I’ll support eve by buying a V :thinking:


The shirts are not the bare price. The shirt itself is cheaper… but it is a way for Eve to make up a little on the funding gap (new screen more expensive than old one). This is why they charge a little more and hope to make up some of it.
(At least that is how I understood it)