SSD Sales Have Ended! Thank you for participating!



UPDATE: Congratulations! Some of you have been able to grab an amazing SSD deal! Sales of SSD Upgrades and T-Shirts are now closed.

Thank you all for your participation! Over and over again asking the community proves to be the best way to decide what to do next! Thank you all! We have been now able to test the store to make sure it is ready for the big launch in November!


Go to the correct store, get that 1TB and join our colors with the T-Shirt!


:eu: European Union,
:norway: Norway
:switzerland: Switzerland


:us: USA
:canada: Canada
:hong_kong: Hong Kong
:jp: Japan
:australia: Australia
:globe_with_meridians: and the rest of the world


From now, until Monday the 9th of October 1 P.M. EEST (click here to see what this means to you:

What is available?

  • 1TB SSD Upgrade option to all the current V computer orders!
    details below…

  • T-Shirts: 2 versions – Choose the one that fits YOU!

Info on the 1TB Upgrade:

Full details on the 1TB upgrade order and the SSD component:

For you techies, technical specification to be noticed

Available only to existing V computer orders!
Eve pricing again! The prices for the upgrade are:

  • Upgrade from V m3 version - 499USD/ 419EUR
  • Upgrade from V i5 version - 429USD/ 359EUR
  • Upgrade from V i7 version - 329USD/ 279EUR

Upgrading price comparison for example to Surface Pro:

Info on the T-Shirts:

  • Check out the designs on the store!
  • Available currently only for EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia
  • Sizing guide provided – please make a fitting choice! :wink:
  • Your support will make a difference – the T-shirts will be shipped the same way as the Vs. This way we can make sure all goes 100% in shipping. You can help us do that. And yes, you fuel our shared future here as well!

ok, ok, here is a sneak peek at the V-Shirt :wink:

Yes, the Vs will be shipping soon! This is our moment!

V for Victory, W for Webstore!

with joy,
team Eve

How and When can you upgrade your V to 1TB SSD and get some V-shirts?

Could someone post a link where can we buy a case (protective sleeve) for the V? Especially interested to the two V designed cases.


Hey there! They are not for sale this time as it takes quite a while to get them produced. We will bring them back in November!


Thanks, I have just ordered the SSD.
Too bad, shirts are too small for me :wink:


Meantime I figured out I did order it in January. :slight_smile: Just I forgot it…

V Zipper Protective Sleeve Qty: 1…
Customized Keyboard Layout (US is default!) - German (Austria,Germany, Switzerland) Qty: 1…

Could you tell us, will these sleeves and keyboards delivered together with the first batch of V?


Hi, do you know when the store to actually purchase the V will be open? Will it be around when the V ships to the limited birds? (late November- early December)? Also, when would these ship? Would it be by the end of the year or would it be next year?


Where ordered through IGG/Backerkit etc are scheduled to come together with V


Yes just like you said! We will start sales in November and ship Dec-Jan


Got my 1TB i7!!! F**K YEAH!!! TEAM EVE!!!:man_dancing::fireworks::sparkler::man_dancing:


Yep, all your ordered accessories will ship together with your V!

It’d be a shame if you had your V but not your keyboard! (Amirite big manufacturer that launched their device without their latest Pen/Keyboard?..)


Also, how much longer will it be until you release your proprietary eGPU? I am planning to buy an eGPU around late May- early June (this is when it would need to be shipped to me) of 2018 while I go on vacation with my family and don’t want to take my desktop with me. Do you think it will be ready by then or is the eGPU still pretty early in development? Otherwise I will buy an eGPU on Black Friday for the lower price unless your proprietary eGPU releases by the time I will actually need it.


Okidoki, I did it. Thanks again for the great upgrade price. :star_struck: Given the 400GB microSD card prices I couldn’t not do it.

One question though: I saw in backerkit that I ordered 2 extra power adapters, but only 1 extra international plug set_. Do the extra power adapters come with the matching plug for my country? Or did I forget to order enough plugs by ordering only 1 international plug set? I guess I assumed extra power adapters would come with the appropriate plug… :wink:


You’re kidding, right?

SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC UHS-I card - SDSQUAR-400G-GN6MA is $249. Plus, it can be removed and replaced by larger microSD’s when they become available.


Transfer speeds after up to 100mb/s tho…


@Team : Do I have to create an account ? Can I use the same as this forum so can I use my Google credentials ? Because it’s look like I can not… Why ? Is it a bug ?


As of now you have to create account for the webstore separately. This was done for security purposes. it’s not a bug. We will make sure to make experience more seamless in the future.


It’s a bit of a bummer that the previous price was without tax. Now it seems it’s really about 350 euros for the i7 upgrade. I’m guessing it’s the same shipping principle, that you can’t deduct VAT from the upgrade price, or how does it go in EU?


Prices seem to differ very much. In Germany 400GB microSD cost 246€. So I prefer the bigger SSD with full speed for all data.


i7 upgrade is 279EUR All of the taxes are included but can not be deducted due to the shipping method.
Let me know if you have any other questions!


Just ordered my 1TB SSD :money_mouth_face: , now I have 2 more months to wait :sob: before my precious arrive…:star_struck: