[Spoilers] The HEB V Unboxings



Since the first V’s are arriving at peoples houses (and hopefully in the next few day the next V’s will!), here’s a thread for everyone that wants to photo/film their unboxing and share their joy! :slight_smile:



I’ve only took one picture, but I think it says it all


Cats included? :smile:


Been told that my V just have arrived. Can not wait to get home…


Perhaps the M3 buyers will end up with a BMW?!


I still would prefer the V instead of a BMW :joy:


When my LB arrives, I’ll remember to take a similar picture. My two cats LOVE cardboard boxes. Well, boxes of ALL kinds, but still.


mind your cat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My cat does too. He also likes to sit on laptops and tablets. And he is very big and heavy. 7kg. Hope this will work…


Is it just me, or this forum has much more cat contents than dogs?

If I ordered both an m3 and i5, would I get an M8 or i8?


fear not, I’ll change that once my V comes!!


Nah you’d get a Toyota Camry :stuck_out_tongue:


Because cats are better! :slight_smile:


Oh, the secret goodies seem to be cats. :joy: Really cute ones. :heart_eyes:


Can somebody flag this racists tainted post?
Send by my neighbors dog.


My wolfdog Ember agrees … cats are Satan’s spawn.


There is more cat content because dog owners are out side with the dogs. They don’t have time to take pictures. :grin:

I prefer dogs.


That explains the delay in shipping :sweat_smile:


Folks, no ranting permitted here.
Only dogs allowed.
Get those ******* cats out of the way.


In short, this has been one of my best unboxing experience ever :joy: .