[SPOILERS!] Official Collection of Eve V reviews Wiki


This is the first time I see a V keyboard layout with a big enter key. Which layout exactly is this? Because it is obviously not QWERTZ. At first it thought “Uhhh, oh no” because the two buttons next to enter are much smaller than the rest whereas in the Surface the size is evenly distributed accross all keys which I consider much more pleasant for typing.

Then I saw that this is obviously a very different layout since the M key is crawled one row higher than normally. Buit then again, QWERTZ has Ö/Ä/Ü that need space there. Can anybody post a pic of the German QWERTZ layout?


The keyboard layout is AZERTY - used by French speakers (variations exist) in Europe.

Bild.de review seems to have a picture of the V QWERTZ keyboard:


Seems like it’s only ANSI US and ANSI TURKISH which has small enter key :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the picture, seems like I will have to live with the smaller keys next to enter.


can you post a pdf of the review, it’s behind a paywall.


I’d love to, but unfortunately I’m behind that paywall too.

Maybe someone from Germany can help?


I think it would be a good idea to reach out to Linus to let him know the pen will be fixed for webstore orders given Eve would be able to meet supplier MOQ requirements when it has 50,000+ orders.


The Verge just dropped a review - Now added to the list. :slight_smile:

Devastatingly, they list ‘Backspace key says “oops!”’ as a downside. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree.

Last line though:

Beyond the rebellious marketing and convoluted back story, the Eve V is just a really good computer. If Eve-Tech can follow through on supply and reliability — and that may be a big if — I absolutely recommend it.

Nice work everyone.


Sad for this article, but actually I would be quite happy if they would hide more stuff behind a paywall so that less people would read their “articles”… :yum:


What do you mean? What will be fixed in the pen, and where has this been announced?

What is the 50k order limit that is required and what for?


Yea I’ve been waiting for them to test the Eve V thoroughly for awhile, it’s been a week but I can wait to have accurate benchmarks. It’s that time of year too all the tech channels reviewing what to buy for the holidays.


Konstantinos had mentioned that the reason why they couldn’t get a custom pen with better magnets was because of MOQ requirements. So I’m assuming that this will be rectified once Eve knows how many people will order V’s in the week of December 4th. I’m not saying that 50,000 is the actual requirement. My point was that 50,000+ orders would more than satisfy MOQ requirements for a custom pen.


Propably but not really sure that they will be upgrading it just for web orders.


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"For business and mental health reasons, more established companies, as a rule, dare not even poll their users about features they want. "
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Warning. There is an engraving spoiler in the review, so for those that don’t want the surprise to be spoilt, look away now :slight_smile:



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what does this mean actually?


Found a typo in that Slashgear review.

They list the i7 processor options as m3:
"• Core m3-7Y75, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB PCIe SSD – $1,599
• Core m3-7Y75, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB PCIe SSD – $1,999"

Edit: I added a Disqus comment to their review with the info. We’ll see if they fix it.


He said it is like herding cats!

Which incidentally is near on if not impossible.

So don’t try it unless you want to suffer mental health issues such as the kind the Team have been put through by many of the members here.
Especially in the last several months.