[SPOILERS!] Official Collection of Eve V reviews Wiki


Who says the big names didn’t get the device? If you know they always take time to make their videos available as everything on their end is scheduled and there is no way that some device will sneak past the queu.


yes still waiting for the big names.
the last one got me in the end of the video about battery life.
I have only been using the device for 3 hours!..so why the hell do you post a video with so little experience about the device.i know it’s a first unboxing and hands on.


I found that most good reviews would usually take more than one or two days.
The professional reviewers would live with and use the Eve V over many days or even a couple of weeks, and really put it through it’s paces.

Most of the reviews so far are not really giving us the view that their investigation and testing is in depth.

I think some of their reviews probably only show me that they they are more interested in being the “First” reviewers rather than the most detailed and useful.

I think many seem to fail to a give users a proper and in depth look and feel of the V.

I’m sure the best reviews are yet to come from the professional reviewers.



i7 : Intel 7th Gen Core i7-7Y75 and 6 GB LPDDR3 RAM.

A typo.


I understand some smaller reviewers carter only to regional audiences, ie some small youtuber for Congo, versus those big names we’re familiar with. As such, the smaller reviewers can vary quite differently in quality. I just take them as a bonus, as long as the main ones are accounted for.


Was any unit send to Japan’s reviews?


No not really. We couldn’t reach any. If you can PM me :smiley:

As for the big reviewers don’t worry we have plenty!


So, is www.heise.de in the list or not?

Best. F.


I think not(not sure tho), but they sent one to BILD <.<


Who has more readers, BILD or Heise?


Is it about quality or quantity?!?!?!


i think heise definitely has more readers who are interested in technology


Sorry for my words. But BILD is shit. It’s one of the worst and disrespectful "news"paper In Germany. It isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.


Yes but they reach a lot of people who (sadly) believe what they are writing.
And the review was good.


It’s just there was a comment earlier that no reviews yet from YouTuber with really big followings. So I was assuming that numbers were more important.


Locked behind a pay wall, so I can’t comment on the test result :confused:


Add the above link to google translator!

French’s review just pops out. I have an estimation based on what i read in different reviews until now, that V is maybe still not effectively clalibrated well enough to meet the expectation of a “Surface Killer” .

Still w8ting for reviews of some big guns!


Looks like Linus Tech is quite busy at the moment. These are the devices waiting to be reviewed.


This shows anti-glare coating quite well.