[SPOILERS!] Official Collection of Eve V reviews Wiki


Wired think the V is 50 / 50 and perhaps down to crowd design




Maybe the writer (seems to me) isn’t a native English speaker or something but this seems like a review generated with NLP by scraping the product spec page.

It’s just… really odd to me.


Dear wicked, What’s nlp?


This is the weirdest review I’ve read so far. With interesting observations ranging from “two different gens of processors” to “slightly lower, yet higher end performance”, I am truly at a loss for words.


I guess is NLG (natural language generation), something like this:

NLP (natural language processing) is something like the opposite of NLG. If NLG is a coder, NLP would be the decoder.

It’s kind of part of the reason why you can type nonsense (like “boil eggs hard how I do”) into Google and get a coherent answer.

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