[SPOILERS!] Official Collection of Eve V reviews Wiki


Article from Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post here:

TL;DR: Review is mostly consistent with most positive reviews.


yeah, it’s over positive :grin:, and claims that we are “devoted community”, I don’t think we are devoted and worship V :slight_smile:, I would say we are a practical community and have own share of minor glitches to ponder and improve upon it (a devoted person will overlook his shortcoming of his object of worship), we don’t’, and we encourage daily the makers of V and keep them on edge, and they too do the same :slight_smile:


Eve “5” . 2020020202


:thinking: That’s weird. Link shows Eve “5” in the article though :laughing:


hey, who are you to decide who i am and what i’m here for? i don’t appreciate being called ‘practical’.


V made it to this list too!


Tested Battery Life: Around 6 hours

I still cant understand how they could get less than half the battery life of what Im getting. 10-30% difference is understandable due to use cases, but more than 50%?

I think something’s wrong in that particular unit


About 6 hours is what I’m currently getting from my V as well

Use-case: Browsing the web (on Chrome) and watching Netflix


Maybe because they’re using Windows 10?


Still, it shouldn’t make that much difference

Interesting, check out this thread [WIKI] Optimizing the battery life of your V


6 hours is what I get as well. Using just Chrome and surfing the web.


dude. i told you, i’ve never seen anything below 4W draw on idle. your 0.3 is insanity


Sorry I didn’t clarify that. The 0.3 was the CPU package power, so not including the display, SSD, etc.

My overall idle its around 2.8 W at the lowest brightness, or 3.4 W at 30%


Oh wait - aren’t you using your V primarily as a tablet?

The keyboard accounts for a decent portion if the battery drain, about in the region of 30% i think


As far as I know, the keyboard itself doesn’t use a lot of power (not even 0.2 W according to Battery usage: artificial and real world test results), but the keyboard backlight does.

Btw this is getting offtopic here, lets move to the Wiki thread :slight_smile:


Aren’t you using windows 8.1? or was it someone else, apologies?


Eve V @ 7m43s




So Super!

This guy wins hands down for his choice of the Super colour and his use of the word Super.

I’m not sure why, but I’m certain he’ll fit into the Eve community so super easily

Most of all I’m super excited for him showing me just what this super cool colour looks like!

When I get my Super Dooper V in the next few days or so, I’m getting the Super Red!

WOW! I’m so super excited now!