[SPOILERS!] Official Collection of Eve V reviews Wiki


I like the ooops.
I like the black and I won’t work with it on my lap. Haven’t done that with any of my laptops. I got back pain.

You will always find a few negative people. I am not going to tuen the keyboard on the back. This is not a Lenovo yoga device.


Telling that to a company that listens to the crowd is like telling a hospital to stop treating people ; it’s what we do.


I have a Lenovo Yoga device. I did turn its keyboard on its back a FEW times. It does not feel comfortable :wink:


This guy has definitely decided beforehand, that he doesn’t like the V. Even still there were many things that he couldn’t dislike. The review is really weird. I’d rather wait and listen to Linus’ and D2D:s reviews. There have been so many mostly positive reviews, that I have a hard time taking this one seriously.


Well it’s mashable. They support them who pays them the most


That seems definitely possible.


In a couple of days we will get a lot of review when HEB Vs arrive at the HEB people.

Not me. I ordered yesterday.


LOL, this guy seems to have had a traumatizing personal experience with community design. Most of the article is more against the “crowd” than against the V.

That said, I’ve noticed that many reviewers are seeing the “crowd development” as a problem more than as an opportunity. I’ve read a lot of sarcastic comments and jokes about the participatory approach these days… For many it’s like Eve succeeded in spite of the community. It will be hard to change that mindset, and I’m really glad Eve is trying to do so.


Part of this is expecting the community to turn sour and rabid, which it really hasn’t. I think a lot of people are imaging a computer company run by 4chan or reddit.


Yep. So badly, that he doesn’t even mention the Thunderbolt 3 port nor the Bluetooth capability of the keyboard. I can’t tell if he just didn’t notice or if he is omitting the features on purpose. Embarrassingly unprofessional, either way.


Thanks for doing this comment for me! :wink:


Beat me to it, but ya, this is an especially disappointing review. But that’s regarding the review itself. It seems they did no homework (and Eve sends some of the background info with the review units, right?) and their word choice in nit-picking is overall very negative rhetoric. The worst part of this is that they seem to reach a pretty large audience. All this together almost makes me think that it’s deliberate sabotage.

I don’t mean to sound like a big fan boy, because I’m not, but to me it’s an objectively bad review.


:sweat_smile:they also metion"8th gen core i7"


I was thinking the review was kind of crazy and inconsistent. Then I read it.

Guys, he’s not exactly wrong with any of his criticism. The V is a fingerprint magnet due to the finish. It is heavy, and that can cause unexpected behaviour (kickstand digging more into your leg). The pen is not nearly as good, and there’s no argument there. The pen attachment on the side is weak, and I really really don’t understand any of the team’s arguments supporting this decision because it doesn’t make any sense.

Does that make sense to anyone here…?

I own a Surface Pro 4. I’ve owned an original Pro, Pro 4, and my household has another Pro 3 and 4. I can understand all of these criticisms from a Surface Pro owner because the Surface Pro is a great device.

The V has strengths, but the criticism (for the most part) is well-founded. Obviously I don’t have my V yet, but I think it is. Overdone, yes I think so. But much of it is well-founded, and reason for us to work on improving in the future.


Just going to chime in: it was literally said as being an amazing, over-the-top (and, the loudest) sound solution available in a 2-in-1. We definitely didn’t get that, based on everything we’ve read. I’m definitely disappointed, because that was a major selling point for me.

Still excited for my V, but I’m very disappointed in the speakers based on reviews. They don’t live up to what was implied at all.


The switch from the V-fan club to the V-reality club is a bit painful, but why not waiting until it arrives?
Time to hear how it sounds yourself produces good evaluations.


I will be able to compare directly to my SP4, side-by-side, so there is that! Definitely be sharing that here.




he forgot to mentioned the bluetooth function of the keyboard


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