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Eh, the audio drivers and software can definitely make a difference, but the company that produces the sound card usually takes care of that stuff long before it ever gets to the computer manufacturer. My guess is, the problem with the speakers in the V sounding ‘tinny’ is the design of the speaker cavity. On thin devices like that, it’s very difficult to get good sound.

From what I remember from the prototypes the TI audio amp sounded very good, so I don’t think this is a problem with audio drivers.


Not so good (whatever that means) speakers will become very bad speakers when the soundcard is off.
The average sound quality of the V through a headphone is above average because of its good amplifier.


Any comments on the performance? any one?
There were an interesting comment about the Intel sticker…it would have been a good thing to have it.


Maybe you should mention what performance you want to know more about :slight_smile:

e.g. me and @Helios tested some games, e.g.

  • Overwatch was playable on an m3 30ish fps. We’re talking native resolution, lowest details
  • Starcraft II was at least stable 30, again m3. This is using half of the native resolution and medium details
  • LoL was at least stable 30 with medium details & native resolution

As for the Intel sticker - I personally don’t feel it’d have benefited any customer in any way :slight_smile: Also, it’s hard to put it somewhere proper :smiley:


But can it play Crysis?


Not tested yet, but since Crisis is optimized like a donkey rear, I doubt.
[ Also, this is going offtopics, so please let’s stop with the crisis joke and don’t expand it :wink: ]


I wanted the highest spec Surface and I chose the highest spec V instead.

You have to make up your own mind.
Nobody can choose for you.

If you are wrong you only have yourself to blame and learn the lesson.
If you are right you can celebrate your good judgement.

Either way you win!

If others choose, you lose!


Hi guys, this is…


IT’s “but can it RUN Crysis ?” :stuck_out_tongue:


windows central review



it has top mounted speakers …which are terrible!..but they are there…

whats up with the speakers.every reviewer keeps saying that.
we were promised good ‘quad’ speakers but everybody keeps saying the are mediocre at best.


People expected something unrealistic?


i know its tablet speakers, but they way Eve adveritsed it i thought they would be great.
at home we have also a hp elite x2 2in1 which claims to have bang & olufsen speakers but are TERIBLE.
you can not hear anything even at high volume. my smartphone is better.
i really don’t hope The V is like that


With headphones the sound seems to become very satisfactory: there is a good amplifier included.
Those tiny small 2in1 speakers, cramped in a tiny 2in1 place are only able to render a tiny 2in1 ‘small’ sound.
One can not expect much more.
The four speaker configuration is only capable to produce a ‘less bad’ sound. :hugs:


I just hope the sounds is as good as a surface pro


This review feels unnecessarily negative, with the only proper shortcomings mentioned being the weight ( ports + battery), aluminium instead of magnesium (we picked it for better heat dissipation), and the “oops!” key (really guys…)…


‘Materials could be better’. Really? Aluminium as a negative? I can’t recall that was ever listed as a negative on an Apple product.

‘Too thick and too heavy’ - That’s a joke, right? For funsies I let some people who did not know the weight of the V compare a V with an SP i5 (2017) with a good colleague. Not everyone could feel that the V was heavier and that was in non-blind A-B testing. And of all of those people no one even mentioned that the V was thicker than the surface - rather the opposite they were stunned by it’s thinness :smiley:


He starts with:

“The result is a solidly-built, attractive, and generally performant computer that packs impressive power and battery life into an extraordinarily affordable package.”

12hrs battery life on full screen brightness (doesn’t say doing what) sounds good too

Bit concerned about the keyboard detaching though, seems like that hasn’t been totally successful

This last bit is a bit of a swipe at everyone here tho!

" I fully expect EVE V version 2 to improve in all the areas it lags, especially if they stop listening to the crowd."


However, I quickly noticed that the “V” key is an inverted rectangle

Wow, this guy must be a genius if he can tell a rectangle is inverted. I can never tell which side of a rectangle is the top :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seriously, this whole review he says positive things about all the major areas, lists a couple of small things he doesn’t like, and then basically declares it a mistake. I don’t get it.