[SPOILERS!] Official Collection of Eve V reviews Wiki


Are you sure the term “complacent” is correct?
Many areas of “hey what is that” stuff is already scrutinized.
But, with wildly different good and no good things coming out of the reviews, most people prefer to test the HEB’s in order to collect much more and much better information.
Better information = better cure, for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Eve is already working on firmware updates to help with battery life. I don’t think there’s anything they can do at this point about the speakers, as those are extremely dependant on physical design and not much on software.


@joemcwong Complacent = showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.

I don’t see any evidence of Eve the company or any of its Team being complacent about the issues you raise.
Some of the members may have been protective after reading some reviews, but I don’t think complacency fits in this community.

The testament of building the worlds first Surface Killer is proof in itself and this is just the beginning!


Just wondering, if you tested League of Legends yet? It`s not that important to me, but I am kinda curious :wink:



Sorry, poor choice of word (
Just want team to give us an idea on how and timeline to improve on those important “mediocre” areas, even though V has some other strong features.
Right now, V may be good but not quite a SP killer yet other than price (( SP5 still has advantages on CPU, battery life, weight, pen, cam, repair/replacement services…
Let’s hope timely improvements from team can bring more + on our side!
Just FYI, I am a HEB who is willing to pay upfront and patiently wait for a year (not even complained once) in hope of getting a strong device in all areas - a real SP Killer!


Well, welcome to the VF.


Oh yeah: The V Fan club, off course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Linus Tech Tips Review is up on floatplane! :wink:

I7 Software capacity 4 Designers

When will it be available for the general public ?


Meaning, this will help those who have already a V or helping the HEB Vs and LB Vs too? Meaning, it is only about an update?


After a week in floatplane


It’s an upcoming update to all Vs


Do we know how these will be rolled out? Will it be through Windows updates?


WU yes



I thought so much, but since when is it up there?, i heard before that it is up but…


The video is up since today :slight_smile:

And @inffy @adt most drivers should update via Windows Update - there might be some that don’t properly work with WU we’re right now checking that everythign works.


I think you could maybe ask for exception to LTT, as it would be fantastic if the video is up on YouTube when the flash sale opens


I get your point, I was the same :wink:

But to be honest the video didn’t change a lot for me. Overall he really likes the eve! Main downside mentioned was that the CPU throttles when hit by a heavier load for longer and the ,compared to the Surface Pro (2017), weaker pen performance. Other than that there wasn’t anything which really stood out compared to other reviews. He recommends it.

I personally was really hoping it would help me out a bit more with my purchase decision tomorrow. Since for me it’s either going to be the Surface Pro (2017) i7 Model with 8GB (I found a decent offer) or the Eve (I’m unsure whether I should take the i5 16GB or i7 16 GB). Mabe someone else could help me out.

My usecase would be note taking, office work and media consumption. Some painting/drawing in Photoshop, some lighter CAD stuff. I’d love to be able to play a round of League of Legends or other lighter titles every now and then (which makes me feel tempted by the Iris graphics on the surface i7 Model) though I don’t need high graphic settings, but I’d love to see a decent frame rate. I’d also love to be able to keep some programs running in the background, like Skype, browser, while working in Photoshop for example…

Another concern of mine is that ideally I can get the device as soon as possible… Which is another point for the surface. Since I don’t expect to receive a V before Christmas, If I order it tomorrow. Does anyone know how long I’d have to wait approximately?

Any help is greatly appreciated


At least LoL should work on the V in native resolution with medium settings - I think we hit at least stable 30 but it might have been 60 so I promise 30 :wink:
Model used as an i5 :slight_smile:


I am not so sure about this. If I turn off all stuff concerning the soundcard (in the driver) of my lenovo W541, the sound changes dramatically and the max Volumen drops a lot.