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Hi Guys!

A lot of reviews are going live now! It’s time to start listing them down. This is a Wiki post. Your contribution is welcome!

Have a quick overview over the different models with prices!

V m3, 8GB, 128GB SSD - 959$
V i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD - 1299$
V i5, 16GB, 512GB SSD - 1499$
V i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD - 1599$
V i7, 16GB, 1TB SSD - 1999$

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Community Digest 21.11
Dear Eve people, this is where we stand
[SPOILÉRS!] Eve Review by french website LES NUMERIQUES (24.11.2017)

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@Team : I was too curious to wait for mine so I watched all the videos and the question is => If these unboxings have to be like the same than bakers, can you explain me where are the tips ?

BTW I’m still waiting for an answer to my last question because in the videos this is not what you said :


You are getting tips inside the shipping box. Reviewers didnt get them. We didnt want to send them any other accessories either!:slight_smile:


Thx for your reply. It’s good to know and perfectly understandable.

=> And what about the charger and its plugs ?


Those three shown on the video should come with the box


Well this is exactly my concern because I bought this :

International Replaceable Plug Set For Eve V Power Adapter
Qty: 1 x $15.00

Only because it was said than the charger in the box will be only for our country… So is there a misunderstanding somewhere ?


I think the box was added in last minute and the accessory you ordered will have many more plugs for other countries too


This add is welcome of course but for my use I just need French and US so finally I didn’t have to spend extra money… so I’m a little bit disappointed. I will considere this like a support to eVe but more infos next time will be a lot appreciate.


You can contact support about it if they can do something


I guess they didn’t plan on including those plugs back then. So they couldn’t inform us. Could be that this allows them to reduce SKUs and limit the number of different package contents. After all those plugs are not too expensive, so why not include some more of the factory has less work in that case.

I ordered it too. Now i have some spare parts. Why not. Who knows when I need them.


Will there be another comparison of the models like by notebookcheck? I’m unsure if m3 would be sufficient for my tasks, as the test by nbc wasn’t convincing.


Especially that Notebookcheck got a strange m3 version of it.

Honestly I still can’t make up a decision about which model to choose.
The m3 seems sufficient, but the 128Gb without any option to upgrade it, is… inexplicable.
(at least if the v was easily openable :joy: )

And the price difference between the i5 and the m3 is too high (and unjustified imho). I mean 400€ for a SSD 50-60€ more expensive, and a i5 somewhere like 60-70€ more expensive. C’mon…

So yes, it would be nice to have other comparison between the models.


Keep in mind that microSD is one of an option to “extend” the storage. I use quotes here because the speed of mSD is nowhere near a PCIe SSD, but it wont make a difference for media files id say


That is exactly my point. The 128 GB is not that much. on the other hand I am using an Asus c200 Chromebook beside my gaming PC. the Chromebook (in near future an eve V, If I can order one on December the 4th) is for the couch and traveling. Netflix, Amazon prime, surfing the web and with the V some office. Absolutely no gaming. At the moment I am going to buy the i5 (1199€) or the M3 and a Samsung pro sdhx micro SD 128 GB for round about 100€. Savings 300€.

300€ I can spent on a new motorcycle helmet or lego Technik stuff or a lot of good gin.


Norwegian review


This will be the home of all the reviews you can find for the EVE V (for the retail version of the V)

So lets use this one thread so that those who don’t want to see anything before their V is on their hands, won’t have to.

Laptop Mag: https://www.laptopmag.com/reviews/laptops/eve-v (SPOILER IN THE PICTURES!!!)


Damn it, you beat me to it .