[Spoilers] NSFV: opening experience


Hey guys : )

Today I received my V. Like many of you, I’ve waited a long time to get here, so naturally instead of opening my hardware and using it, I’ve made a video about opening the package with my hardware, than spent two hours editing it for you.


Anyhow. Here you go. It’s full of spoilers, obviously, but if you are brave and/or don’t care - feel free to jump right in : )

Aaand it absolutely could be better, with proper color correction, stabilisation, framing, more variety of movement and whatnot. But that’s what two hours + an hour of shooting gets ya. I’m okay with the results, still.


Holy shit - are you an adviser to Eve and Underdog - never mind Propeller - super, sexy video


:smiley: Thanks. Just doin’ my part.


Holy shit, this is easily the best V unboxing video so far.


Really amazing video. I think I’m going to have to confess to my wife that I watched this! :wink:


Eve porn unboxing perhaps?



20 20 20 20


Looks like a striptease :joy:


Awesome video! Quite overwhelming… hope by now you spent more time with the content than the packaging though :stuck_out_tongue:

Did I see a packing slip in your box, or was that another sheet of paper? Would mean that 4PX packs things differently depending on the local warehouse (what a surprise) as I did not get a packing slip…


There was a packing slip in mine. 2sheets when one would do


Great Video. Now waiting for mine…