[SPOILER!]1st Unboxing Video of Eve V (non-prototype) from a Youtube reviewer?


Cool Unboxing Time! by Booredatwork.com

He said kickstarter… that’s how i know he’s definitely not a backer but a reviewer :slight_smile:

Edit: seems like the youtube clip has been taken down :slight_smile: nothing to see here…move along :yum:

One Liner Update 18.11 [Historical Moment Edition]

oh well…there goes my own unboxing experience…

So the reviewers are getting their unit now while the HEB units still haven’t been shipped? :expressionless:


i thought the HEB units were shipped out at same time with the units to influencers… soon and very soon! Please post your unboxing !


I don’t want to watch it by myself, just in case this Video really shows the official V unboxing… And if so, I also thought no one gets a V before every HEB has his V in his Hands? :confused:


Here we are asking for daily updates while on the other hand reviewers get to unbox V before HEB. Keep up the good work @Team

It is about Eve V tablet, not the prototype but the actual one.


I thought that shipment for HEB is planned for Saturday this week and that reviewers would be adressed after this shipment (or same time)?


how is it possible that the video was already published on 13th November? if shipping takes 7 days…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


eagerly awaiting for Dave2D and Linus to post their 1st review :evergreen_tree::heart_eyes::star2:


@renKop. I was pretty sure Eve team was gonna first send the devices to reviewers and then to HEBs, that was one the reason I ask the team for daily updates and you pointed me to “current project status”. I was aware of the status, but just wanted to get a daily update from the team so that HEB are on track in getting their devices.


That is not what was promised previously though, it was always question to have all HEB shipped first before getting to influencers I believe.


personally: i don’t mind that they send the devices to the reviewers first - before sending them out to heb’s. they want to make money with the device and the time around Christmas could be crucial for the success of the v!

but it was promised serveral times (i think already during the igg campaign) the heb’s will get it first and after that the reviewers.

EDIT: maybe eve send the v to reviewers with the instruction not to publish it before date x and the dude from booredatwork.com didn’t read it…


My understanding was that those were to be shipped together, at the same time.


Quick everyone, work up into a rage frenzy before the team has a chance to reply here!



i am pretty sure there is already a storm coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t mind Eve sending the devices to reviewers first and then to the community, because as a company they should make money. I totally agree on that. But what I don’t agree upon is the fact they promised to ship HEB and reviewers at the same time, but it seems like, they have shipped the devices to reviewers first.


V sunglasses would be very cool!!! I like the box. Really high-class…


:sunglasses::joy: this youtuber is definitely no fanboy of Eve…his review of V should be pretty impartial :smiley:


how about declaring this as Spoiler?^^ :smiley:
I have the feeling I have to ban myself from this community until i get my EB… otherwise unboxing will not be very surprising anymore :frowning: :joy:


take a look to the threads topic. You shouldn’t be in this thread because everything here is a spoiler… I don’t care about earlier unboxing vids of reviewers. It’s different when I really open my own box I have worked for and have paid for…


I edited the topic so it clearly states it has SPOILERS