Speculation thread: Guess the date you unpack your V


Limited Bird, so hopefully I will be unpacking my V by November 30, 2018.


I’m an optimistic limited bird so august 16th.


2018? wow… Long way to go…


Well if it’s after then, we’re all in trouble…


I am a limited bird backer and I am going on a 5 week trip across Europe from early August to mid September so I know the exact date I will be able to open my V upon my return. I’ll have to wait to September 16th :frowning:


Im “just” an early bird. So, I guess, I’m watching…and it’s going to be an loooong “season” I
suppose. :sweat_smile:


Johnny come lately here. Hopefully October or November of this year.


I am a limited bird and expect it to be around august 28th. I just hope it gets here before I have to leave for school in Jan :slight_smile: I am super excited to paint with this sucker!


I have been waiting for Eve V. It is really a wonderful tablet, but, the wait is really killing me. Hope to get V on time.


OK I know this thread is just a bit of fun so don’t shoot me down for being overly pessimistic. I’m going to through my hat in the ring for November 21st 2017, one year from the Ingiegogo launch. I’m a hyper early bird. Talk of changing screen suppliers means I have no idea when Eve V will ship hopefully we’ll get a positive update this week. While we’re looking for new screens why not revisit other design elements like the SSD, processor. Just kidding.


'cause of the latest news I will gratefully receive the Postman at 10:34 A. M. on the 24th of December. I ll wrap my V in Paper and will be surprised at the shiny fresh colours of the brand new sharp screen. By the way: I will also wonder, how perfectly it fits in the case.


The way things are going it looks like I might have guessed a bit too soon. First batch out to August or September these days, so likely October. Will be lucky to get second batch by Christmas