Speculation thread: Guess the date you unpack your V


I’m not at home in the end of July, so I think (and hope) my V will be delivered by our favorite dhl postwomen at august 11th this year. I’m a hyper early bird and I’m ok with this date. It was a special experience to do my first IGG investment and taking part at this community. Feelings between proud of being a part of this, tired of waiting for concrete dates and angry about the reasons for the delays are like watching a good crime movie… I’m sure I didn’t pay my money for a film, I paid it for a adorable piece of technics… What date are you guessing you unpack your personal V. Or are you just watching this movie?


Right now, watching the movie. If I like the movie I buy the series, to stay with the metaphor xD


I just desperately want it before my school starts. My fam is mocking me at this point :frowning: I’m hyper early too…
hopefully we get in by end of the month…:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::smiley:


you’re not alone with that <.<
Especially after i already had backed the turing phone before -.-
Good i got my refund from that chit.


LOL I’m hoping latest end of July too.


I am just going to be super optimistic here and assume that they are going to hit the latest schedule (production of the first batch done on the 14th of July). That way I can expect the V around 21st of July :slight_smile:.


I would love to have this by the end of July… I’m hoping that the delay between hyper and limited birds isn’t too long. At the very least I want this for the start of the next semester.


Same here on all fronts with the mockery and hyper early.


Guess a date. Maybe we can find a (V)inner…


Same here too, colleagues are asking every week where the tablet is.
I really hope that we will have our hands on it before end of july.


I guess it’ll be either before the end of July… or late August / early September (but with a different screen).


So I am hopefully. Mid of August. I think I will receive my limited bird V at the 14 August at 10 o clock a.m.



In my hands, 3rd August, 10:30am


I’ve already sold my current 2-in-1 as I never expected this length of a delay for the Hyper Early Birds. So as of the 26th of July I will have no laptop and everything will be backed up onto a cloud.

So I pray the V will arrive before then and keep in line with latest estimates :no_mouth:

I have exams started the 14th of August so it’ll be super fun having no laptop to aid studies if it doesn’t :cry:


I will receive my V in my hands the 11th of August at 3:47PM . I hope really that there is no further delay and we all receive our V.


are you a hyper early or a limited bird?


I’m sorry, but I don’t like to tempt fate… :zipper_mouth_face:

… especially when Emdoor screen supply is involved in the matter.


I’m a limited bird second batch


I would like to be optimistic and guess it’s going to be the next-next Monday, i.e. 17th July :smiley:


Hyper early-bird here. I’m guessing 26th of August.