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I´m sure that they´ll delay the SPECTRUM ES07D02 model at January to April or summer like it happened on the SPECTRUM ES07D03 model, what a coincidence! :thinking: :crazy_face:


Let’s not say that please.

My new gaming set up is nearly completed, all I need is both spectrums.

If they delay the 240hz again, I will have to look for something else as I don’t want to experience the same thing I went through with the 4K :tired_face:


hahahaha calm down friend. We have to be strong and waiting a little more :muscle: :triumph:. Although my expectations have fallen far below. I don’t know what to think about Eve because this sucks… There is not a damn news about the SPECTRUM ES07D02 model, f*ck! There is absolutely nothing… :no_mouth:

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How difficult is it order a LG C1 OLED in 27 inches please …

I’m seeing out of stock but ebay.
lg 27ep950-b | eBay

Well, October has passed since a full week, so I think it is time for an update by now. Any news?

I had placed my reservation in January 2020 and am still holding it up (even though I have bought a 144 Hz alternative in the meanwhile), so I have shown some patience. So I think, timely updates would be only fair for those who kept the faith.


@ReignDespair Do you have any updates on the panels for E207D02 that was estimated to be received in October?


The 4k panel is high in demand hence why they are out of stock, the 240hz is not.

Yea but the 4k Panels being higher in demand is precisely why the 240 hz is not going to see the attention you (or I) would prefer. I’m not sure where you got definitive evidence regarding their ordering of the 240 hz panel, but I do know (lets call it a strong belief) that with the 4k 144z being the flagship, and the higher priced unit, it will continue to get precedence while they have back orders to fulfill and possible new orders to take care of. At 900 US and the same expected shipping date of January 2022, which do you think they will fulfill first if they only get so many panels from the suppliers?

There hasn’t been any update for months and in this environment, no news is bad news. I think we’re in for a bumpy ride come January.

LG has been delaying a lot of their panels into next year. With the continued silence of the 240hz panel is looking like lg even delayed the panels even further.

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It was an assumption but based on what Kira said, it’s unlikely that Eve suggests the “purchase” rather than the “delivery” of 240hz panels.

The keyword is delivery meaning that the product has been paid for.

Good question.

From a business standpoint, you would go for the product that will bring the most revenue, but you would also have to consider what Eve’s goals are and what they stand for.

Morals, Ethics & Values play a massive role in their decision making.

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I suspect the markup would be pretty similar. The panels themselves are the most expensive part, and the 4k panels will cost more than the 240hz ones… probably about the same price difference as the difference between the two models. So I doubt it makes much difference to them which they sell.


^ I agree with this too.

It doesn’t matter which monitor they sell, the profit margin will be similar if not the same.

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Hi all. Hope this isn’t too silly of a question. I put down my $100 deposit on an Eve Spectrum 4K and a stand about a week ago; at the time, the site listed a January 2022 ETA. However reading some of these threads and comments have made me a little more concerned. Should I expect to receive my monitor January 2022 as originally forecasted, or should I buckle up for further delay? Thank you & excited to join the community!

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Hi, @BWHough

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Your question is not silly at all.

Depending on the shipping you chose, will determine when you will receive your Spectrum.

If you chose express shipping, you should receive it in January (Express = Air Shipping)

However, if you chose standard shipping, you’re looking at a 2-month delay after January (Standard = Sea Shipping). There’s been a load of issues with Sea Shipping on a worldwide scale e.g lack of containers, boats left at ports due to the lack of drivers etc…

There’s also the possibility that your order might be fulfilled with one of the Spectrums at your local Regional Warehouse, allowing you to avoid the Sea Shipping.

It just depends really.


Hi @BWHough . When Eve say January, they means that they will start shipping at the end of January at the earliest. And that will be the first orders, yours might not leave until later. Express shipping seems to take about 3 weeks, so the earliest you’ll receive it is mid February, if you’re lucky. March I think is a safer bet. Standard shipping is currently taking about 4-5 months, so you’d be looking to receive it some time in the summer based on current experience.


Thank you @MarvyMarvz and @Phil both for your responses, I appreciate it! When I had posted this I hadn’t actually even selected a shipping option yet as all I had paid for was my $100 deposit; since posting however I received a request to pay the rest of the balance and choose my shipping option. After reading both of your replies I decided to risk it and go with Standard shipping; I’m in no huge rush and that $200 Express Shipping option was too tough a pill to swallow.

Thanks again!

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^ This is the same mindset I had.

Glad you took the risk in the end. I’ve heard from everyone, (customers who have received the spectrum) that it’s worth the wait.

Im here, like a lot of you, hanging for an update for the 1440p model. Please give us something soon.


Same here - hoping for good news soon


@Kira Hi, do you have any updates if the ES07D02 is still on target for January 2022?

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