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If I were to switch my order around from 1440p 240hz model to 4K 144hz one, what would be my price?
Current rate for 4K model or that price which was the same date I made preorder for the 240hz model?

Hey @viilutaja,

The support team would be the best channel to ask about this, but I’ll also speak with the team, and get back to you when I receive the information to better answer your query.

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Ok, would like that. Also after latest sour news, I might not be the only one who would like to know that info.

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Hey Phil,
I can confirm that you can request a refund at anytime, unless your order has already shipped. So if you don’t “make the cut” resulting in the delayed shipping of January, requesting a refund will not be an issue.

You know what’s the most annoying part? Everyone knew Model 2 will not be on schedule (lost count how many times now), yet up until now all Eve representatives that were asked, commented very certainly that it is in fact on schedule.

Are backers really asking for too much when we want to know delays when they are known to Eve and not few moments before “expected shipping”?

Like you absolutely knew many months ago that model 2 is nowhere near ready, we knew as well, no production posts were made at all, yet an official announcement comes few weeks before expected shipping date.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Model 2 and 1 are scrapped completely due to backers leaving as the pandemic is here to stay and more delays are only certain to come.


Thanks again for the response.

To be clear I understand your stance is for everyone who pre-ordered to get their monitor at the discounted price. But I would assume that you’d prefer if people held their pre-order over requesting a refund. That’s really the essence of my position regarding concessions for the delays. Not because I hold Eve fully responsible for these setbacks. But because the reasons to hold the pre-order (other than securing the original pre-release day price) are becoming less and less attractive as time goes on. And these announcements coming as close as they have been to to the updated “expected” shipping date are extremely disheartening. They’ve routinely come mere days/weeks before release with no updates in between, and tack on months of additional waiting. I have no confidence in any of these ETAs, and I really don’t know how you could expect anyone to take them seriously at this point. Though I admit that I’m not sure what you could do differently given the circumstances. But that’s where I’m hoping there’s some options to explore because buyer’s remorse is real and even if you ultimately deliver (and I’m not confident that’ll happen) when we get it is a big part of the consideration to hold the order.


Put this update into an email as well, for transparency with people who aren’t checking the forums constantly.


I got this news through an email and followed the link here to comment. Email was sent around 10h ago.

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I’m sorry but this is rediculous. To many broken promises.

Guess I’m looking to spend my money else where again. Who knows by the time this thing releases in January I’ll prob have the money saved up by then again. But you will be behind actually upgrades to the gaming PC at that point so who knows now

Wonder why it wasn’t sent to all. Maybe they’ve staggered it, but definitely no email for me so far :frowning:

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check your spam inbox. sometimes emails get sent there.

2 months ago i literally said we can expect it in january at best… so i am not surprised at all… :upside_down_face:
but model ES07D01 coming almost 3 years after LG 27GL850 (same panel) thats just hillarious :laughing:

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Just ditch model 1 and 2, seriously, y’all should go for another monitor, there will be plenty of them before it comes.


How about moving the discounted price we paid to the price point prior? That’s only a $20 decrease but at least guarantees some structure of benefit.

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Yeah I checked there but nah, nothing.

This means that I will have to cancel my order and use the option to get a refund of the prepaid amount. - I have already sent an email to support. When we hit January i have been a waiting for two years, it is simply too long. So now I’m buying another screen.

You call it bribery, I call it customer appreciation/retention - especially for the earliest backers that helped fund this project. And saying I “clearly have no interest in waiting” is rich considering the current date. What have I been doing up till now if not “waiting”?

Since you seem to have no interest in contributing to this thread constructively, maybe you should take your own advice.


I’m hanging on to my 3x 1440p 240hz pre-order. I’ve waited this long already.


They have, they just don’t want to tell everybody so they can keep all the pre-order money instead of dealing with refund requests

Interesting how I didn’t even get an email about the delay to Model 2 that I pre-ordered (I checked spam, junk, everything) and had to read it here in a forum post

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