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Just some QOL update ideas.

I’m still on 102 as I’ve seen to many problems on 104
But would love to see the stick buttons change

Double press power button to enter quick sleep mode.

Without going into the menu:

Pressing up or down would be volume up or down
Pressing left to bring up sub input menu and select.
Pressing right bring up sub menu to toggle for FPS counter or cross hair menu.

Going into osd menu:
Pressing in on the selector stick brings up osd menu (nav keys stay the same but to select a setting press joystick/selector stick in once = Ok and double press = cancel or go back )


Maybe setting custom presets would be nicer.

I would like to change inputs with left, right;
Top for quick accessing Strobing/Integer scaling menu
And down for something else, no idea atm, but I’ll get an idea if the monitor gets here :rofl:
But crosshair seems like a good idea for the people who use it.

I think for the users who don’t play on console, volume control is pretty useless, FPS counter too, it’s in nearly every game, so this would be pretty useless for many. That’s why some customisation would be good

The joystick ideas are good :+1:

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SO you basically want the same OSD interaction as that of a Samsung or LG. :smiley:

Honestly a double click on the button would wake up the entire house. It’s quite a loud switch.

Just to put my vote in for priorities, after living with the Eve for a month as purely a PC user, the most annoying thing I find is the time it takes to acquire a signal waking up from standby, it’s significantly longer (by several annoyingly long seconds) than my other monitor.

It would be really good if something could be done about it (although obviously I expect there are other bugs an issues that are impacting other people more).


Ever since I upgraded my pc and updated to the latest firmware 104. It helped reduce the long signal detection. Much faster than before however there is still a small delay.

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I never saw the 102 version, updated to 104 pretty much straight away. I’ve got a KVM and switching that is ok it’s just the wake from sleep that seems to take that bit too long (certainly longer than other monitors I’ve had).

As I said, probably not the highest priority problem but it’s definitely worse than it should or could be.


Updating to firmware 104, and after I did the power cycle, I saw the green light and “processing update” on the screen. However it’s been about an hour and the light went from green to teal blue, but hasn’t turned purple yet… does this update take hours?

No. Shouldnt take no more than 15min. Do a complete shutdown and turn the monitor back on and see if the firmware update went through. If not restart the process.
Here’s a video clip of the process in case this helps visually. Eve Spectrum 095 Firmware Update - YouTube

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Legit. I power my monitors on in a particular order just to keep it from freaking out my running apps to bad and moving everything around.

Updating to 104 was a bit strange. Inbetween there was a screen with a lot of flickering.

Eventually i cycled power once more which resulted in a message on the screen that the update was successfull.

I’ve however one bug (hope this is the correct place for reports):
The crosshair is randomly not shown anymore. Turning the screen off and on again resolves it for a moment, however it happend now multiple times.
When the crosshair is not shown, it is only visually not shown. The menu correctly shows it on/off and you can switch the state with the joystick. Though visually no difference

Same flickering issue here.

Same. @Lore_Wonder let me know if you want me to post screenshots and a description of my setup as @Advo has done.

It seems to start randomly and often gets worse if it’s allowed to continue. Powering off or changing resolution fixes it temporarily and OSD will sometimes trigger it.

I got my Spectrum a couple days ago with firmware 102. I noticed blackouts, too: cases where the monitor recovered within a few seconds, and cases where I had to power cycle to make it work again. I noticed that these blackouts occurred when I switched from a dark window to a bright window (not changing the resolution!, just within the normal window manager). I am a bit worried that the monitor fails to deliver enough power quickly enough to light all these pixels? But then again, I don’t know anything about how this works internally. I run in SDR mode, so my theory might very well be wrong. The blackouts did only happen on DCI-P3 color space, not with sRGB!

Anyhow, I then updated to firmware 104 and now I cannot use refresh rates >60hz with 4k anymore! Tested on Windows and Linux, with several PC and monitor reboots in between. This definitely worked before, on 102. Later today I’m getting a new DP cable so I will test with that. But I doubt it’s a cable problem since it worked with my current cable on 102. I’m using a GTX 1070 Ti. In the “nvidia-settings” app on Linux, it says that the DP connection link is “4 lanes @ 8,10 Gbps” (while running 4k@60hz right now).

The blackouts are not happening anymore, but I’m not celebrating yet: maybe that’s just fixed by running 60hz.

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I’d not dismiss the cable, I was getting blackouts and monitor shutdowns that sound just like your original problem whenever VRR was kicking on 104, I have seen it lock to 60htz before very occasionally but a few resolution changes or re-boots and it sorted itself out. After getting a new cable all the problems have gone away. I even checked and going back to the old cable the problems came back instantly.

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Check whether Windows is trying to HDR mode or not. If HDR has been turned on for some reason, that would cause your problem.

Your 1070Ti doesn’t support DSC, so the maximum refresh rate at 4K is ~98Hz with HDR, or 120Hz with SDR. Windows only allows you to select refresh rates specifically reported by the monitor, so 98Hz won’t be selectable.

You can also try playing with the Nvidia control panel and see what combinations it allows you to select.

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Thanks for your replies! The “60hz max” problem was actually caused by the cable. I just received a new DP cable and with it, it works like before.

Interestingly I am able to output 144hz @ 4k (SDR). I was able to select that mode in Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). I tried to research whether the 1070 Ti indeed doesn’t have DSC but I couldn’t find any definitive answer. Wikipedia states the 10-series does not support DSC, but the 1070 Ti was released more than a year after the 1070, so… Nvidia might have snug DSC in there? I mean how else could 144hz @ 4k work for me? I’m fairly confident it doesn’t do chroma subsampling (4:2:0).

Unfortunately, the black-screen problem still occurs when switching from a dark window to a bright one. It happens on brightness 60 and brightness 0. However, it only happens on the DCI-P3 color space and with 144hz. Running 120hz with DCI-P3 does not have these problems. Sooo maybe this actually has something to do with DSC or something like that? I’m not quite sure what to make of it. But 120hz until I have a new GPU seem fine to me.


It would be good if Eve had a public roadmap so we could see what’s being considered, worked on, completed, won’t be added, etc for firmware releases. It would certainly provide a much needed level of transparency and communication, lots of small software and hardware companies do this.

Something like https://www.upvoty.com and https://roadmap.ploi.io

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I do remember Eve mentioning quite some time ago that they were using some custom timings with the higher refresh rates.

The picture signal actually contains a fair quantity of non-image data. This is used to clearly indicate the start and end of each frame of image data, and the quantity of data is partially a hold-over from analog displays. By reducing how much of this sync data is used, they may have been able to push some extra FPS within the DisplayPort bandwidth limit.

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Hi guys, I finally received my Spectrum last night and all seemed well. I updated to firmware 104 successfully. I have an issue now. I have my Xbox Series X on hdmi 1, security camera on hdmi 2, and pc on DP. My issue is that, for example, after I’m done with my Xbox and turn everything off (Xbox and monitor), then turn my pc and monitor on (doesn’t matter what order), the monitor stays frozen on hdmi 1 which was the last input I used. When I press on the OSD joystick on the back of the monitor, it just displays hdmi 1 on the screen, it doesn’t bring up the OSD menu, to allow me to select another input no matter how many times I press the stick. I have to turn on my xbox so the monitor comes “alive”, then I can click the joystick to get the OSD menu and select DP as my input source. I even tried to set input source to “automatically” in hopes it would scan for an active source but nothing. So in reverse now, after I’m done with using my pc, if I plan on using my xbox, I have to switch over to hdmi 1 right before my pc shuts down, to make sure it’s on the input I need. I also tried unplugging the monitor for over 5 seconds to “power cycle it” and that didn’t work either. Is this an issue any one has seen before after updating firmware?

So with a bit of tinkering (accidentally tried clicking up on the OSD joystick), I figured out that I simply had to click up or down on the stick when it displayed the current input, to select the other input options. Definitely different from what I’ve experienced in other monitors, but solved my issue.