Spectrum takes very long to wake up and Win acts like it was disconnected

Have you already tried rolling back the firmware to the original shipped version? I.e, 102?

@LoneWolf posted a link back to dropbox for this purpose Safely-rolling-back-to-20102R875-from-20104.zip.

You can read the entire thread here.


@Sway623 here is the Dropbox in case you didn’t try it. Safely rolling back to 102R875 from 104.zip (dropbox.com)

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@Lore_Wonder even with the rolled back version on the firmware, the unit still persists in causing intermittent system hangs when being brought back from display sleep. This is getting very, very annoying.

It’s definitely related to something in the monitor sleep functionality because when I simply keep the monitors on with a screensaver active, everything is fine. For the most part, turning the monitors off at night also exhibits limited failure on revive.

But if it were a matter of simply turning the monitors off at night, I would be happy with that but when I do this, all of my open application windows are moved to a single monitor. And never once have they been pushed to the Spectrum.

Additionally, I’ve noticed when I power the monitors on but not hit any keys on my keyboard, the screensaver is still active… and for some reason the system doesn’t recognize that the Spectrum is there but it’s obviously online as I see it come up and indicate the connection type; in my case Display Port. I’ve typically powered on my other monitors first (I have 4 currently) so maybe it’s related but I don’t think so. I’ll test another power up scenario shortly.

However, the problem is persistent across both available firmware so that’s the main note.

My monitor setup is as follows:

1 x Spectrum
1 x LG 32UD89 32" 4K FreeSync
2 x LG 27UD58 27" 4K FreeSync

The system GPU is a RTX 2080 and everything is using DP to DP with the exception of one 27" which is connected via USB-C to DP.

I’m running the most recent revision of the NVDA Studio driver: 472.47 released on 11/10/2021. I switched from the Game Ready to Studio shortly before you officially released the firmware rollback procedure. Mostly due to the lack of input or mentions of this particular issue specifically. I think at that time NVDA also modified the driver to include identification of the Spectrums G-Sync capabilities. The previous revision of the GR driver did not indicate that was the case. I see now that it does in both apparently.

Do you have any additional tests I could perform or questions towards things in the workflow to help identify a root cause?

Thanks in advance.

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Was it something I said? :frowning:

No. It’s fine. Have you tried updating bios? Ever since win 11 came out Motherboard manufactures like Asus for example released bios firmware update for their motherboards to be win 11 ready.

thanks for sharing this in depth information! on my side, since the Spectrum is the primary monitor, all screens get moved to the Spectrum after it finally wakes up, thought the second monitor wakes up earlier. Sometimes some process in WIN even gets stuck and needs to be stopped and restarted. Never had such thing before.

I’m also running on latest Nvidia Drivers and as far as I know also latest BIOS. However I don’t really see why the BIOS should come into play here?

Steps for Fixing Windows Computers that Do Not Wake Up or Resume from Suspend or Hibernate Mode but Will Power On | Dell US. Bios update is one of few things that can help.


I’m currently running Windows 10, so this isn’t an issue from my perspective.

I looked at BIOS updates almost immediately and Gigabyte has not released any newer BIOS for my system board (Aorus Master running an i9 9900K) but it is compatible once I enable TPM but I don’t have any desire to do that just yet.

Funnily enough, even when selecting Win11 64bit as the OS for this boards support updates they still have the same BIOS revision so that may not be of any help either way.

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I don’t disagree with this actually. I think that the GPU would be handling most of this functionality given it, to me, would be the hardware that drives the monitor or sleep/hibernate or power manage in general.

New Nvidia driver update is available now!

For the Game Ready driver only. Studio is still the same as I think they only update that once a month.

Linking a related thread: Spectrum standby mode

How many monitors do you gsync enabled with? I stumbled across a page somewhere talking about a “known” nvidia issue where when more than one monitor wants to use gsync the nvidia driver barfs; my guess is that the wake-from-sleep event causes some sort of race condition. I disabled gsync on all but one monitor and it has been stable since.

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I don’t have any monitor on GSync, since my card can’t do it ^^

Can you link the page please? I’d like to investigate this a little further.

@Lore_Wonder were you aware of this? If not, it might be noteworthy.

I see this seems not to get any solution ><

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Also having the same issue on Windows. On DisplayPort1.4 it disconnects the display everyy time it goes into standby. Other monitors maintain some kind of connection during standby. All my windows etc are reset when i log back into the machine.

Also Windows 10 cannot detect a USB-C display when i try it with the TB4 cable. Lenovo X1