Spectrum standby mode

Yep. No fix yet that I’m aware of… rolling back firmware seems to be of some recompense but the issue persists.

I’ve switched cables, power states and stood on one foot while bringing monitors back to a powered state and nothing has had any seemingly permanent success.

My 3 LG monitors, either DP or USB-C > DP all come up with 0 issue from a sleep/power management state.

In fact, prior to introducing the Spectrum to my setup, I had 4 LG monitors connected and things were super happy. No screensaver to power save issues, no windows moved to one screen on wake, it was glorious!

There is definitely something up with the way the ES07D03 comes back online/goes to sleep.


I’ve rather the problem that Spectrum never goes into standby. Running Windows 11 using hdmi 2.1

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Hey! Thank you for the reply! Just getting the hang of using this forum. Hence the 3 month delay. Quick question: I would like to plug in a usb monitor light to my Spectrum. Is there a port that will supply power even if the monitor is not on??

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Hey… thanks for the reply! Im just getting the hang of using this forum. Hence my 3 month delay in my reply. Quick question:: I would like to plug in a usb monitor light to my Spectrum. Is there a port that will supply power even when the monitor is not on? Thanks…

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Agree on all points made here. As of FW 104 the Spectrum definitely has some sleep/standby bugs. More than a couple time I ended up having screens not turning back on to my Windows Desktop (ie. Windows still detects the monitor, monitor reports DP, but no signal. Have to unplug/replug the monitor to get it back to show anything)


Really hoping we get confirmation these standby issues will be fixed in the next firmware update. The spectrum is really great, but when switching between 3 input sources regularly and with these big standby issues, I am already finding it very disruptive to my workflow.


I agree something must be done. On the Spectrum I use mainly for my corporate Macbook (USB-C) and ocassionally switch to DP for my personal workstation I get into a weird state if I have the Macbook sleeping for too long.

The Spectrum’s menu get’s all yellow and will not show anything, no matter what source is selected. Power cycling via button doesn’t work, I have to replug the power plug.

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It should wok, as the USB has power available to the tune of 100 W to charge devices - so, in theory, a light should work as well, no differently from plugging in the light to your computer’s USB port.

This would be from one of the side ports, though, not (IIRC) the bottom ports.

We’re also actively looking into this issue on a few monitors, so if you could, please send support a ticket regarding this issue (include this screenshot, and, if possible, a video) so that support can track the issue.

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Will do, however might I suggest switching to a public issue tracker for firmware related issues? I don’t have a reason to believe there’s a HW fault with my monitor and I think it would make sense to have visibility into those issues users are facing across the board, including public tracking whenever issues are acknowledged and being worked on.

This was touted as a community built product. It would be a shame if this didn’t apply to the continued development of its firmware.


While we would love to do that, we’re faced with more than a couple of obstacles to doing so.

@Lore_Wonder wrote a great post explaining why: Spectrum Community Lounge - #49

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