Spectrum Standby Loop

I updated my spectrum to 106 and it seems that standby no longer works, when it is connected to a device that stops outputting a signal to tell the monitor to sleep the Spectrum will display no signal and then sleep for a while then wake up and say no signal again. It does this indefinitely. It does not matter what device its connected to.


I have the same problem on my m1 mac mini. The computer is in sleep mode, and from time to time will turn on display, show no signal message, and immediately go off. That’s why I turn it off completely at night because it was blinking like this all the time.

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This isn’t unique to 106 unfortunately. I’ve had it for nearly the year I’ve had my Spectrum for testing. Unfortunately it’s also not a guaranteed thing. I can have my PC on all night, and the screen wakes fine in the morning. I can step away from 20 minutes, and the loop occurs. What system is it connected to?

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If one of the connected devices is a Mac, there’s a feature in Mac OS called Power Nap that causes the computer to wake up periodically to check for things like new email.

This appears to be at least partially responsible for the Spectrum waking up randomly during the night. I’ve turned it off (as you can see in the screenshot) and it largely solved the problem.


And for Spectrums with no MacOS devices connected, nVidia RTX 30 series GPUs seem to make this happen more often than not.

The good news is that you can downgrade from v106 to v105 without any special steps - simply flash it over the existing v106. Both are available from the website: Support – Eve

Just to let you know that I have this exact issue that has existed on all Spectrum firmwares on my RTX 3080 device. 097 to 106 without fail have the same issue. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, it’s maddening. Until I got my 3080 ‘tie’, never had it.

Now, it’s there then not then there then not…

Completely random, probably between 50-75% of the time.


To give you an idea of just how frustrating trouble shooting issues like the blanking and flickering actually is, take a look at this:

I have an eVGA 3080 Ti. I also have my older 970 as a backup. If I absolutely had to, I could swap and test. I may not have the myriad of GPUs that he does, but I have at least a couple backups I can test with.

But folks experiencing issues on consoles only? MBPs only? Windows 11 laptops only? Not a lot of swapping that can be done.

And if you go look, for example, there is a dedicated pinned forum post on the eVGA forums dedicated to blanking and RTX 30 series cards:

Things that are directly related to our monitors are easy to fix. The latest USB firmware breaking displays on MBPs - traceable, fixable. We were able to see something that was directly related to the fw, tried a roll back, and it worked.

I’m going in search of this UEFI fw update from nVidia to see if it makes a difference here. Yes, yes, I know that the issue in the video was a failure to display UEFI boot screen - and Jay never tested if Windows would still show or not. But it’s is entirely possible that something like this could have easily flown under the radar and may help us in some way with the 2 big issues we’re investigating right now.


I don’t believe this is the same issue. My issue is with the display not going to sleep when no signal is output to it. It happens on 30 series and on Intel graphics. None of my other displays do this and I have tested more than 10.

Indeed, the previous post I made references blanking, not sleep

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