Spectrum specs and Q&A - May update

Maybe it is already talked about, i think i saw somebody asking about pre-calibtrating each panel in factory. So I ask again, is each monitor calibrated separetly or is that up to users to do themselves with a specialist tool? I personally don’t have one and would love that to be done to my unit. I am also OK, if that costs something extra (10-15 euros), but display arrives to me in perfect picture.


@TristanSchaaf Hello, before you discusssed the stand and proposed the choice of which stand we prefer, do the one stand or double one will look like this one please ?

I will really appreciate ur answer

Spectrum will have factory white point calibration; we are evaluating the cost and time consumption of delta E calibration.

Hi, @No1L! Are you referring to the VESA mount Spectrum accessories poll on this topic?


Hello, yes
is there any concept to see how it looks like ?

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Details regarding the VESA mount will come later. We are speaking with our suppliers about what options they have, and after we evaluate their offerings, we will bring them to the community for further discussion.

I really feel like we should be in mass production and viewing youtube videos at this point. It has been so long since we had a major update. Starting to get worried about ship dates. November is 2 months away. This was my deadline for getting a new monitor.