Spectrum | Screen Blanking Issue

Spectrum doesn’t support ‘HDMI Forum VRR’ so it’s not a real HDMI 2.1 monitor…

PS5 VRR and the blackscreens - Products / Eve Spectrum ES07D03 | User Experiences - Eve Community

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Its an hdmi 2.1 monitor there have been multiple youtubers who have done a review on the monitor. There is a topic section here in the forum that has most of the reviews within it.
Here are the reviews and articles below.

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No it’s not. To be an HDMI 2.1 (certified) monitor it needs all the HDMI 2.1 features - like ‘HDMI Forum VRR’.

Something none of those youtubers have tested.

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Hi @8BiTw0LF,

You are right, VRR is part of HDMI 2.1 standard. Spectrum supports HDMI 2.1, therefore it should be able to handle the HDMI VRR feature.

We have received numerous feedback about the issue between PS5 VRR and Spectrum. Since it is a newly released feature from PS5, things didn’t work as it should and we couldn’t do extensive testing before the feature finally goes live.

This is now a key issue for us and our team is working for a fix ASAP.


Great to hear. Hope you find a solution so we can have some peace of mind lol

Hi @8BiTw0LF,

Absolutely. This is considered a key feature, and we expect it to work as intended. VRR is a new feature on PS5 that requires further testing to ensure stability and functionality with Spectrum.

An event like this is why it is crucial for Spectrum to have user-upgradeable firmware. A fix is on its way.


Found this on reddit.

All but Eve Spectrum are HDMI 2.0 units - I think. Haven’t looked up every TV/monitor.

Displayport standard: G-sync & Freesync

HDMI 2.1 standard: HDMI Forum VRR

After doing some research this is also a fault of Sony. Not sure why they didn’t just use the FreeSync standard like Microsoft did on the Series X.

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The actual VRR works, the screen and monitor can work for several minutes with the FPS display seen to rise and dip as it should, the screen blanking kicks in and thats the end.
I tried HDMI compatibility setting and the VRR still worked/failed the same, also tried both colour profiles, no change. Changing the PS5 to limited colour output also had no effect.

Sony has never used PC standards for their outputs. Freesync is a Displayport standard and became available on HDMI 2.0 later.

Every HDMI 2.1 certified display supports PS5 - besides Eve Spectrum.

I wonder if the newly-released VESA Adaptive Sync certification test suite would help here.

Some of the tests are quite brutal (e.g. min VRR frame rate for 250ms → max VRR frame rate for 250ms → repeat) so they might shake out some of the issues that the Spectrum has been having with VRR. It may even help with the HDMI Forum VRR issues as the mechanisms are likely to be very similar.

It’s also worth noting that the LG 27GP950 already has certification, which means that the Spectrum 4K should be able to get certification if the firmware issues are addressed.

It all depends on if they use the same scaler. It’s only the panel that’s the same.

I really hope the Spectrum scaler fully supports HDMI 2.1

Looks like the VESA Adaptive Sync are more related to HDMI Forum VRR. Same 48hz threshold, so there’s hope it automatically becomes a HDMI 2.1 standard in the future.

I know for certain that they’re not using the same scaler. LG likely have their own scaler that they use and are in full control of. Eve are using a scaler from Suzhou Lehui.

The Lehui scaler is supposed to support HDMI 2.1. However, it feels a lot like the HDMI 2.1 side of things was rushed. One of the various setbacks that Eve faced (around Feb 2021) was due to needing an additional chip on the mainboard to properly handle HDMI 2.1 signals.

<speculation> Lehui might be trying to cut corners in order to reduce testing costs. I would imagine that official equipment for testing full HDMI 2.1 compliance is expensive. Lehui might just be testing against whatever consumer equipment they can find, resulting in gaps in coverage. Which is likely why they’re having problems with PS5 VRR - it’s the first VRR device that doesn’t also support FreeSync, so it’s hitting firmware code that has never been properly tested. </speculation>

Having the same panel is important for VESA Adaptive Sync certification because they do a lot of tests around pixel responsiveness. VESA have identified a lot of places where monitor manufacturers like to stretch the truth and the the testing suite is supposed to identify these issues.

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But it’s weird every other major brand got it right…?

I purchased a Spectrum on eBay last week. Had major problems with blanking on anything over 60hz on a couple of different DisplayPort cables and HDMI cables that should have been good for it. As a last ditch, ordered a DP 2.0 cable on Amazon and so far its been working perfectly at 120hz and 144hz with g-sync on. Seems like the higher framerates are super sensitive to cable quality.

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I bought a certified hdmi 2.1 cable off amazon. No more screen blanking for me.

Most companies who make monitors/TVs are much larger than Eve, with multiple models on the market at the same time. Assuming that there’s expensive test equipment required, they’re more likely to buy that test equipment to ensure that they fully meet all of the HDMI 2.1 standards for the features they advertise.

It also doesn’t help that HDMI 2.1 is a superset of HDMI 2.0 with all new features being completely optional. (All HDMI 2.0 devices are now technically HDMI 2.1 devices.) It’s possible that Lehui had equipment that could be upgraded to test many of the core features, but didn’t have test equipment for the new features and relied on consumer equipment for those specific areas.


Luckily for us who bought Eve Spectrum 4K before the “unifiying” of standards, hence legal matters.

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What a lame move, someone has had major back handers linked to the HDMI organisation.
Makes life even harder for the consumer.