Spectrum | Screen Blanking Issue

Before I report on my observations I will say there has been an improvement after updating Halo infinite and new issue after the update last week. First the improvement. There is no longer a delay before it displays the Xbox Game Studio video so the Eve test update and Xbox update have totally fixed the blanking issues and delay.
The new issue is that there’s constant tearing in the game when turning left or right. I can get it to stop by turning down the FPS to 60 hz. It still flicker’s now and then.
Next I tested the Xbox Series X with a different monitor to observe the flicking in the Xbox Store and it still flickers in the store. Like I said previously it’s only on certain objects in a certain area of the store. So this flickering doesn’t pertain to Spectrum. I noticed while moving around in this area then moving back to the original object the flickering stops for all the objects that were flickering. But when moving back from this area then into this area again the flickering comes back. I know I reported that after a few hours of playing then checking on the flickering that it didn’t flicker I’m not sure about that now. But now you could see it’s an Xbox thing. Does anybody have any idea where I should go from here.

Hi @ejh1965,

From my understanding, you are still on the test firmware?

Official firmware 107 for ES07D03 has been released, so you might want to give it a try. Hopefully it helps your case, but it does sound like Xbox thing. Funny how it comes and goes.

Yes still on test firmware. Can you recommend a HDMI cable that might fix the flickering. Could it be that.
Thanks in advance.

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Just so you know, the latest firmware 107 did not fix the blanking issue on Apple Silicon Macs. A little disappointed now :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Thanks I’ll look into it after I check one other possibility tomorrow.

Sorry to get back to you so late in the discussion, but I didn’t understand what you where talking about. But now I do thanks for the informative information.