Spectrum | Screen Blanking Issue

Hi everyone,

Our firmware team has managed to come up with an update that fixes the issue with PS5 VRR which caused screen blanking on Spectrum.

While this fix is intended to specifically address PS5 VRR compatibility, we would like to also test the possibility of this firmware fixing other issues that can cause blanking. This is where we need the community’s help to do collective data to see if this test firmware fixes the blanking issue in general. For anyone who is willing to give it a try, please visit Niraj (@nkyadav)'s post below to find out more about the update.

PLEASE NOTE*** This firmware is still a test bin, so please proceed with caution.

EDIT: Below is the most recent test bin. Much more stable.


I’ve the black screening a lot as well - it changes over time a bit.

what i lately noticed is that it does not happen as much, when i set the windows resolution to the target resolution of the game.

Hi @GordonHo,

Sorry that you are still experiencing the issue. A question for you:

What does this mean? Did you mean you play game in different resolution compared to the windows resolution?

Hi @GordonHo,

In addition to Theo’s question, is this with fw 106 or the most recent test bin?

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Just a quick update. I have had almost 0 blanking issues with my setup for the last month or so. I am running a 6900XT with my Spectrum (FW6). Only things that have changed apart from updating graphics drivers is limiting my framerate to 143 instead of 140. I think I’ve only seen it happen once in the last month, but it may not even been the monitor that caused it. at its worst I would see this happen at least once a day

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Everyone here:

I would like you all to test this test build of a firmware and report if it helps blanking issues at all.

Yes, it is in the PS5 VRR thread, and includes fixes for that particular issue - but I’ve had 0 blanking issues on my Spectrum using an RTX 3080 Ti, and others have also reported that flickering is non-existent.

I’m hoping that you all will give us feedback on how much, if at all, this test build helps.


I was getting blanking a fair bit, The only way I resolved this was by turning G-sync off, switching to 60Hz and disabling HDR. I still have to reset the monitor tow or three times when I first boot up, but at least Elden ring is less frustrating Please can you fix this I spent a hell of a lot of money on a SDR, 60Hz monitor it seems.

Just to clarify, 3080 TI GPU, Windows 10 first now 11 full 4K HDMI cable latest drivers and update on monitor.

Which latest update on there monitor?

As @nkyadav mentioned above, it’s important that you clarify exactly which update you’re running on your Spectrum.

If you haven’t tried the PS5.Test4 firmware yet, I strongly recommend giving it a go. There’s a few of us testing it and it’s been fairly stable so far.


Hey sorry, Blackout issues on both 106 and the test4 build, I can use 120Hz without issue now though with gaming I cannot change fps limit to anything other than 120 or it starts to black out after 10-15 minutes, but still cannot use HDR or G-sync. I seems that when a program is loading i.e. a game with G-sync/HDR/different refresh rate to what I’ve set it knows the monitor out of sync with the pc. Same as booting up It doesn’t say no signal its just a blank screen so I have to pull the power once or twice to get a picture. My GPU drivers are up to date with completely fresh installs.


I just upgraded from 104 to 105 and also connected my new M1 Macbook Pro with 144hz activated, blanking happened when I tried to go into full screen video or alt+tabbing to another app.

Happened 4 times within 1 hour and the only way to reset is to restart the monitor.

Have you tried to upgrade to 106 as was advised previously. Also, does the issue happen every time you alt tab or just some times? What where you using or what were you doing when this happened?

At this stage, I would actually recommend the PS5.Test5 firmware over v106. I don’t recall anyone posting issues that were new to this firmware (compared to v106) and it fixes a lot of issues with the screen blanking.

Has anybody tested this out on the xbox series x I know it has a different GPU than the PlayStation 5 am I right anyway will it possibly fix it’s issues as well.

The PS5 and the Xbox series X both use AMD processors and they both have AMD RDNA 2 graphics (despite the series x having more powerful graphics). Think of it as the series X having a 3090 and the PS5 having a 3080. The architecture of the GPU is pretty much the same so I would assume not counting any external factors like software/OS that this should also fix the Series X issues.

As a side note, do you know what firmware version you are on? Some people have been able to use their series X with VRR/HDR/120Hz with no problems on firmware 106.

Switching to the PS5.Test5 firmware seems to have resolved my screen blanking issues, running on Linux on a 6800XT. Thanks for the suggestion.


Just updated to 106 from 104 as I hadn’t realised I’d missed two firmware updates. Kept my fingers crossed that screen blanking would be fixed by now and about a minute after turning my monitor on after the update was a screen blank several times. I’ve turned off HDR to see if that fixed it as that’s what worked for me to fix it when I had 104 installed and it didn’t fix it.

This is getting silly now. Is there any idea on how or why this is happening yet?
A small post script to this comment is that i’m no longer getting “no signal” when my screen is blanking, my screen just goes completely blank.

I’m not at the point of it just yet, but I’m starting to consider looking at different monitors because it’s making regular use of the Spectrum just troublesome. Try and do anything and there’s just a thought in the back of my mind, “how long is it going to be until my screen goes again?”

Thanks all

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Try the test5 firmware :+1:

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Is this the latest test version? Specifically for the screen blanking? Has it helped you with your issue? Sorry for the all the questions, I’m just hesitant now to do more installs without confirmation that it’s actually helped solve the issue for others

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