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How do you change a Spectrum setting from on/off with the joystick?

Specifically, the frame rate is being displayed in neon green on my screen. When I use the joystick to turn the frame rate display off I cannot figure how to change it. I went to the setting and hit all four directions on the joystick and press the home button hoping it would toggle between on/off but no joy.

Please advise

To enable the Frame rate counter (FRC), you can either:

  1. Open the OSD, navigate to the Gaming tab, and then navigate (using right, then down) to Frame rate counter, then right to change the setting, then up or down to pick the one you want, then right again to select that new setting, or

  2. With the OSD OFF (not showing), press left on the Joystick to show the FRC. When showing, press left again to hide it.

To move it into another corner from where it is displayed, while it is showing onscreen, use up or down to move it sequentially among the 4 corners.

Note - you cannot use the OSD for the FRC position, only to enable or disable it.

Note 2: When going up from the default top left corner, it takes 2 presses to get to the bottom right corner, or if you cycle through and get to the bottom right corner, it takes two presses to get to the top left. Basically, between top left and bottom right, there may be an extra press, so be prepared for that.

Note 3: The FRC and Crosshair cannot be used simultaneously - it is one or the other.

See pages 29 & 31 in the user manual for more details. The user manual is downloadable in PDF format from the support page ( Support – Eve (evedevices.com) ) - click the DOWNLOADS near the top to enter the downloads section, then open the Documentation section under Spectrum ES07D03 to access the User Manual (currently version 60).



Appreciate the timely and informative reply.

Worked per your instructions.

Thanks for the user manual link.

Best regards

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