Spectrum HDMI 2.1 48gb/s?!

Hi People Cosmic here,

New to the site, so I apologise if I’m asking a question that has already been answered!

Hopefully it should be a quick one, thanks for the support.

With the new Spectrum 4k 144hz monitor (and other models) in development my PS5 should run a delight! Although the monitor will be more for design/editing than anything, I’m excited to see it run!

I know the monitor has HDMI 2.1 and that would mean 48gb/s right? But it doesn’t say anything on the full specs list about this. It concerns me we may only get 40gb/s compared to the RoG ASUS confirmed 48gb/s that are in development. Could anyone update the full specs for the whole community and new buyers/contributors and let me know here If it’s 48gb/s or not?

TLDR: Is the Spectrum 4k 144hz Monitor HDMI 2.1 48gb/s or not?

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Greetings, @CosmicDuck! Welcome to our community!

We confirm that Spectrum’s HDMI 2.1 ports support 48 Gbps.