Spectrum gets a buff

Spectrum had a shave!

Since we offered a sneak peek at a new industrial design a few weeks ago, I doubt this will come as a surprise. But the 4K and 240Hz models received a face lift! Though the QHD 144Hz model remains unaffected by these design changes, the display assemblies used for the other two models have no electronics sticking out from the bottom of the LCD panel and as such we no longer need a bottom bezel to cover them up. Yeah, that means you get ‘less’ Spectrum, but I doubt anyone will mind! :slight_smile:

The changes aren’t just skin-deep

Besides the removal of the bottom bezel, one of the most heard requests is for more capable ports. Though graphics cards at the moment are not yet equipped with HDMI 2.1, we are happy to say that Spectrum does. That means you’re prepared for the next generation of graphics cards, with enough bandwidth to drive these panels to their maximum performance. Not only that, you’ll be set for variable refresh rates on the next generation of consoles, as both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 sport HDMI 2.1 ports!

These changes are a result of the scaler we use for these panels. The scaler is the chip that, among other things, processes the incoming video signals, and turns them into instructions for the display- and backlight panels. This means that this chip largely determines the capabilities of the monitor, and we’ve had to upgrade from our original scaler to allow for the higher resolution and refresh rate. Keep in mind that the following changes apply only to the 4K and 240Hz models, as the new scaler would drive up the price of the entry level model.

Sales, pandemics, and the schedule

Many of you keep asking us how the ongoing pandemic has affected us. For a long time we had hoped to come out of this unscathed, but at this point one of our team members has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Luckily, symptoms have been mild and he is recovering, and since everyone has been working from home we do not need to worry about further risk of infection to the team.

On the business side, up until this point we were able to make up for delays caused by the pandemic with the buffers we had built into our planning. But as we have mentioned before, engineering- and manufacturing resources are still scarce, causing even the tech industry’s major players to play it safe and prioritize only key products as other projects are pushed further down the roadmaps. Our panel supplier LG Display and manufacturing partner Lehui Display have fewer engineering resources to support our projects than previously anticipated, and have requested that we prioritize the models in order of total sales volume.

Though we had expected most of our sales to comprise of the entry level model, we were overwhelmed by the popularity of our 240Hz and 4K models. Surprisingly, they make up over 80% of all reservations so far. This has allowed us to provide upgrades like the bezel-less design and the new scaler, so we’re really happy about that. But it also means that the base model for Spectrum doesn’t show the numbers we had anticipated, and that have to adjust the order in which Spectrum models will be shipped.

The 4K 144Hz model will ship first, and will be on time as planned this Q4.
The QHD 240Hz model will ship right after, also this Q4 as originally planned.
The QHD 144Hz model has been rescheduled for Q1 2021.

We recognize that this is not the best news for those who have reserved the QHD 144Hz model. Of course we will contact the affected people to inform them of the situation and their options, and we will also update the shipping times on the website.

Coming up next

We’ll soon update our Q&A with the latest specs and information, and add new questions from the community (and of course their answers!). Stay tuned!



Thanks for the comprehensive update! Glad to know that your team member is recovering. Considering how delayed most other tech companies are with their product due to COVID, this is some commendable diligence to making your deadlines. It is likely that the QHD 144Hz model received less reservations due to the consideration of the attractive pricing of the more expensive models. If people were going to make an investment, it may as well be for the better ones. Post-release, that base model will likely receive a flood of orders. Rooting for you guys (and my future monitors ;))


I have to say, this has me excited. Not only does this look even nicer than before, but i’m also glad that the 4k 144hz monitor is still scheduled for Q4 of this year. I am buying one of these specifically for a PS5 and it is supposed to be coming out around that time. I’m also glad that you guys have thought specifically about next gen consoles and their compatibility with these monitors. Can’t wait to get my hands on a monitor so keep up the good work. :+1:


Also, you all are one of the top stories on WCCFTech!


Now thats a nice looking Monitor!
Hopefully the Monitor supports DP 2.0 as well, because the new RTX cards will probably only get one HDMI Port and I need that Port for my TV.


Came here looking for that news

So good update. There is just one thing missing, are there any updates about DP?


so i just found out about the Eve Spectrum and the Specs look dope, i would like to pre order one, but i cant find info about shipping to the EU anywhere. Dont want to buy into it and have to pay hundreds of euros in taxes later. Does anyone have some info?

Cheers Christian


Thinking about going for the 4K/144hz and ideally I’d like to use it with my Razer and MBP laptops equipped with TB3. What type of cable would I need to run the monitor from these laptops at 120hz/4K?

Still waiting on that backlight strobing update…


Shipping to Europe won’t be an Issue.
Just be sure to Select the EU store and not international.

In the FAQs right where you order it says the following:

How much will the shipping be?
This depends on the place you live and if there are taxes or duties applied. Currently of this writing the shipping price estimate to the United States is $15 (USD). To Europe including taxes and fees the estimate is around 20 EUR. Shipping will be done regionally to most countries. For example if you ordered from EU your package will come from regional warehouse in Germany or UK and therefore duties and taxes will be allready included in the product price. Same goes for the US and other major regions.


Awesome update!

Hope that the teammember who got Covid-19 is getting better soon <3

Also, it’s honestly amazing to hear that there were no major impacts on the schedule for the Spectrum - except the base-model whose push back I find a tad bit sad (as I’m one who ordered one of those).

Maybe now would be a good point to start talking about how upgrading to a higher Model does work :wink: Like what price you’d upgrade at - the price it had when you first reserved or the current price. I might just’ve overlooked that info 'though.


now i want to order a second 240hz knowing it will be hdmi 2.1.

so order it :wink: when you want

I’m really disappointed that the screens have a physical update that does not span all three models - I’d ordered two 144hz QHD and one 4k to use in a triple monitor setup; I was very happy that all three were identical.

I can’t afford, nor justify, ordering two 240hz screens for my non-gaming side monitors so that they match, and since they are going to look different anyway I wonder if I shouldn’t just grab two basic 27" 1440p 60hz monitors off of Amazon instead (and have them at the same time as the 4k), and use the Eve 4k as the center.

EDIT: I realized how surprised I am that there was no poll on this that I saw anywhere. Essentially everything else was community driven, and this was just… decided without community input. Having a poll of “should we keep all three screens matching visually” or “make the 240hz and 4k as slim as possible” would have been really nice and sticking with the “community designed” theme.

Also economy of scale indicates that just one casing would be cheaper to make than two separate cases…


Sorry, nevermind the rest but I really have to tell you: having different resolutions on the monitors hardly seems a good idea. I know because I have a 4K monitor on my laptop* and a FHD portable monitor of roughly the same size… and dragging windows from one to the other immediately shows the limitations of this approach. Having seen this problem, for my dual-monitor setup on my desktop made sure to buy two identical monitors.

What’s your use case?

(*) the mistake was for me to buy a laptop with a 4K monitor. The display is absolutely spectacular… but not all apps scale well so I do have to occasionally face problems that an average user would really struggle to accept.

This is a good point. You do represent a true corner-case though and I don’t think there was any implicit promise on the “measures” of the bezels across different models so I understand why they wouldn’t consider something worth asking. Keeping it honest, it didn’t cross my mind at all that there could have been drawbacks to the design change.

Still, it is a good point.


My 4k spectrum will be above my ultrawide :smiley: Hope it has DP 2.0 also!

That is valid and something I had not considered. A small saving grace is I essentially never change which monitor a window is on, but still, good to know and ponder.

TBH I had assumed windows would be able to intelligently scale windows between monitors (“ah, moving from QHD to 4k, we’ll increase window size by 1.5x to make it match”), but with how many limitations I keep finding in this blasted OS, I’m not sure what gave me the impression it could do such… silly me for being optimistic :joy:.

Well, I may look into dual (non Eve) 4k side monitors instead, one can source 60hz IPS panels for (still) less than the QHD 144hz. Might be an issue with refresh rates though, more investigation is needed…

And yeah, I’m definitely a niche market on this one. I always am for some reason (hah).

I d consider an update to the 240 hz version too :wink:

Hi all,
Considering this monitor , I have a question what is the backlight adjusting mechanism? I am sensitive low refresh pwm flickering. requesting confirmation this has decent pwm refresh rate or is using an alternative brightness adjusting scheme