Spectrum | Final Balance Payment Instructions

Yes, I am sure everything is on schedule for the June 29th shipping. It’ll be exciting when my Spectrum arrives this July!


At first, the high price tag for the fast delivery might seem high but what most don’t seem to acknowledge, especially those who live far away and/or over seas is that the world is having a shipping crisis, specifically with the ships going from one continent to the other and the ports trying to unload everything. It’s all behind and if something like the Suez Canal incident happens again, it could push shipping times up. Not to mention the longer it takes the ship, the more likely that damage could happen. Paying the extra to have it flown and delivered quickly cuts all of that out and will have less chance of being affected by the shipping and ports. The cost of the monitor was already low so this thought process lead me to pick the quick shipping option.


I would ping support again, I have received a refund on the model 2 I was charged for by mistake in less than a week.


So, we are about 2 weeks away from the Model 2 shipping. There hasn’t been any communication about the final payments for the Model 2. Given payments for the Model 3 were collected 3 or 4 weeks in advance, I am assuming there is a slip to the July 9th, Model 2 timeline.

Could someone from the Eve team comment and provide an update to the community?


Crickets from last request on this as well was the response

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So if the links have been sent out already when exactly did they get sent out because I havent gotten one yet

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Hey @OctothorpAndrew,

Unfortunately like you have noticed. At this time we haven’t provided further information about the QHD 240hz model.
We will ofcourse communicate information relating to this product soon.

Hey @Guahe,
If you had an existing pre-order for the 4k 144hz model. You should have received your balance payment invitation. Please check the spam folder of your email inbox. If it’s not located here please contact our support team who will be able to assist you further.


Is it too late top upgrade my shipping?

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Hey, @Timothy_Craig

The best place to find the answer to that will probably be the support team. If you do happen to try, please report back what they tell you so that we can have an idea to pass on to others with the same question.



What’s soon? You all are running out of days ahead of the communicated timelines for Model 2. If you are going slip, fine, but be transparent about it and announce as early as possible. The longer you wait, the more frustrated people become.


If you pay for the January shipment batch (of 4K 144Hz monitors), is the money taken out of your bank account in January, when the monitor gets produced, or right when you pay?
It could be a preauthorisation, simply blocking the amount on the credit card instead of actually placing debit.

Payment should come in two stages.

The first stage is a deposit, where you pay USD $100 or €100 to reserve a Spectrum. You can reserve a stand at this point too, which doesn’t cost you anything. (It’ll show as “free” on your payment receipt.)

The second stage is where you pay for the remainder of the Spectrum, the stand (if you want one), and shipping.

In both cases, the amount is charged to your credit card immediately. It can take months between payment and receiving the Spectrum.

In my case, there was about 2.5 months between when I paid and when I received my Spectrum, and that’s with express shipping. There are people who have paid 6 months ago who are still waiting to receive theirs via standard shipping. I would highly recommend going for express shipping, if you have the choice and can afford the upgrade.