Spectrum design concepts revealed!


  • looks like an art piece - good!
  • the ventilation gap - seems like perfect place for dust? could be, maybe, on the bottom?
  • user has no idea where are ports if the monitor is connected to the stand, needs to find the blind - ports markings should be visible even with stand
  • bit worried how close ports are to each other - possible to have thicker connectors that would make difficult to connect few things at once
  • is the led able to turn OFF even when monitor is ON? to avoid looking constantly on turned on LED?
  • will LED reflect back on the stand?


  • looks blocky! : D
  • seems super practical - good!
  • ports are placed wide - great
  • I’m bit afraid that the stacked blocks on the stand bottom waste user space - can’t put anything where the blocks stack, so it’s a bit of a wasted space
  • may look… retro or outdated from the front, not sure which one
  • the hole for cables could possibly be a place for EVE logo


  • not a big fan of that transparent stand, can look cheap
  • ventilation gap seems to be in a great place
  • in general, the monitor shape here seems most interesting
  • I prefer ports from the other two, this one looks like Mac copy


  • for whatever reason looks half-baked
  • seems, again, retro


  • fun! the only design that seems fun here
  • cable management seems fiddly
  • again, strong Mac vibes - good or bad, seems referential
  • tilt and height adjustment seems cool here, not so rigid
  • but the stand seems to take a loot of space?

To sum things up - I like Blocky and Blade the most, while Stationary and Float the least - in this sequence. That’s why I would merge two Big Bad Boys of them, Blocky and Blade, into something More. : )


On most monitors I have used it is possible to turn off the LED through the monitor software.

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I love the look of the monitor portion of Bloxy… Ports and buttons are well placed and hidden is a plus for a clean design but I hate the pedestal design. I love the pedestal design and vesa mount cover of Blade but I’m not a fan of the mount adjustments. I love the mount adjustability of Ring but hate everything else about it. I’d love to see the best points about these 3 concepts put together… A Blade pedestal with Ring mount and vesa cover attached to Bloxy Monitor and better cable management in the back of the pedestal to hide cables from view would be a plus as well.


Looks great
Way to blocky
I really like, but i don’t think it will look great with 2 next to eachother
I think only the stand should be ribbed, but a little turned down
I am not a fan of the tube stand. If the tube just went into a flat base it would be better


I have not read all the replies in this thread but this one most aligns with mine

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Can u guys also design a mount for the monitors like table mounts that match the design of the specific monitor designs?


I like BLADE alone because of the elegant looking back & stand and the hole for cable management.
I dislike BLOXY because of the base, it takes up too much room and might be an issue on desks that are starved for space.
I dislike FLOAT because of the angled base and RING because of the rounded base which just isn’t visually appealing in my opinion.


My favourite design is probably Bloxy as I feel that a monitor should not detract from its purpose - displaying content, and this is quite a minimalist design. The only thing that I would change is the base; I would make it smaller, like in the Dell Utrasharp series.


I love the elegance of Blade and that “V” in the cut-out is a nice subtle nod to the Eve inverted triangle logo and the debut product V tablet. I really like how it’s thin and minimal but with hidden strength, such as in the depth of the vertical support.

What’s not to love about Bloxy? A minimalist clean aesthetic that does the job and will look at home just about anywhere regardless of whether you pair it with an RGB gaming computer, boxy Think Pad, or a stylish MacBook Pro.

I really like the practicality of Stationary, but it’s an aesthetic which will be hard to find a home for - it would look out of place just about anywhere except a few work desks with little else on them.

It’s funny that’s in the description because my first thought about that cable routing was “lamp” xD


A very good design in combination with the stand. Hopefully, the stand is not to weak for the display. According to the pictures I am very interested in how I access the ports.

One of my personal favorites. I love the clean flat design, the little EVE “V” LED indicator for power and port locations. I can’t wait to see the first prototype.

Despite, most of the community does not like this design, it is my second favorite. It reminds me a little bit of an iMac. The little triangle at the bottom of the display gets me somehow. The only thing I would change is the “EVE” logo. I cannot see it on the rear side and will put it on the front below the display.

I know, we need some plastic areas for wireless charging, but the fluted design all around the monitor looks very ugly. It will look a bit better when everything is black without white components. Only the “V” on the front, looks perfect.

My least favorite. Sorry the stand and the ring both looks cheap to me. The easy accessible ports are the only thing I can appreciate.


I love the BLOXY concept and like the BLADE concept.

They are both minimalistic and very elegant. Would love to have such a monitor on my desk.

All the other ones are a bit too extravagant in my opinion.

Best regards


All the design concepts include the same (excellent) screen so, working with any of the proposed concepts makes us still “seeing the same screen”.
I really tried to see and the stand and the screen when working with my present (Dell) screen: it slowed me down and ended up giving a well developed headache. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When considering function > design:
If one is looking for a tilt & height ajustment screen able to rotate there is only one option available, the Bloxy concept.
Being able to charge your phone somewhere on the stand will be a great plus.
Cables “running disorder” is not very important to me: as long as I use a monitor always after some months I saw a considerable amount of genuine cable clutter build-up occurring.

When considering Design > function:
That’s very personal off course.
For me just it will be the first child after blade married float.


And something too:
Reading the descriptions of the different concept options is a funny experience too: At first they sound very nice and impressive, until you ask “In fact, what does this mean”.
I was not able to find an answer . . . .:thinking:

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Hey folks!

Amazing inputs everyone! It’s time for the second step of the discussion! We have an update already :slight_smile:


Q1 - My favorite features are the thin bezels and the minimalistic modern design, particularly from the Blade concept and from the Bloxy concept. They look sharp, they look sleek, they look professional.

Q2- I would not merge anything together from the concepts presented. I think Blade and Bloxy are fairly fleshed out already and their features fit their names.

Q3- The only thing that would stop me from purchasing any of the concepts is if the monitors wobble. I’ve seen monitors that wobble on your desk for every slight touch or movement you make. That’s distracting and annoying. Also, if there are no 4K options I would probably skip. The market is moving towards 4K. Also It would be great if these monitors connected via Type C considering the market is also moving towards Type C.

As for the STATIONARY design concept, I’d skip on that entirely. It reminds me too much of corduroy pants and I’ve never like those. Or even corrugated cardboard. It just doesn’t look professional enough. The RING concept suffers from the same issue in my opinion. It looks too fun and not professional enough. It’s not a design that would be considered “timeless”. Instead the “it’s pretty funky cool looking” factor will wear out after a while.

So my picks would be BLADE and BLOXY hands down.

Q1 : I do really like the bloxy design, the box shape, black grey design fit everywhere

Q2 : I don’t see that much to change

Q3 : I do buy monitor for the panel more than anything so no design will stop me from buying a good thing, but if i need to chose that would be the price but i do know that a quality object is not cheap so we will see at when this monitor go out

Also i do no like that much the bloxy stand that extend beyond the screen, because my keyboard is close to the “starting plane” of the screen so yeah maybe if it can be made otherwise it would be great. Also the bloxy stand is the perfect opportunity to put some wireless charging in it


This is exactly what I was coming to the comments to say.

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Q1: I like the minimalist and clean design of BLOXY the most. It reminds me a lot of DELL monitors, which I’ve always liked the design of. In general, I would be happy with a rectangle base for the stand, and a completely or at least mostly black finish for the monitor and stand.

Q2: I would not merge any two concepts together. Instead, I would perhaps drop the step from BLOXY’s base, and expand it more to the width instead of to the length, so it would protrude less beyond the front of the monitor.

Q3: There isn’t any one thing that would stop me from buying any of the concepts. IMO they are all better than the V shaped “leggy” stands you see in a lot of gaming monitors out there. Specifically though, I just don’t really like the lamp inspired design of RING, or the striped look and color of STATIONARY. They both look less professional to me than the other concepts.

The next step in designing Spectrum is available! You can participate in this topic.