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Here are my plans:

  • Beyond a Steel Sky is the game I wanted to play on this. Well, I played it through already on my 2011 19" 1080@60 display … … … displays don’t grow on my vegetable patch sadly
  • Might play the refreshed Quake on the Spectrum tho, my PC actually meets the recommended specs for 4k@144 :slight_smile: (Vega 56)

As for the coffee, I choose the Sencha variety every day - and occasionally a fancier tea :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve recently began using backlight strobing during gaming (the medium setting) and it’s awesome - the motion is so much smoother (at least in terms of perception, and that’s good enough imo).
The only problem is the manual switching between strobing and constant backlight - I’m not sure the OSD button will survive the clicking long-term. Liquidshadowfox kinda beat me to the question: Will we be able to control features other than brightness via software in the future? I know Blur Busters have a small utility for it, but from what I understand it involves updating the firmware, which is something I’d rather not mess with…

I’m on Windows, by the way (Mac plugs in seamlessly though).
Very happy with the monitor, on a side note. I knew what to expect from high refresh rates owning an iPad Pro, and this baby delivers. Also the first monitor I experience HDR on, and while I’m more skeptical about the technology on LCDs (backlit zones in 1:1-1.5k contrast ratio panels is not/pretty-bad HDR), Forza Horizon 4 looks and plays great on it.


Where did you hear about the FOV improvements? I heard just like a week ago it will still be capped at 80FOV which is why I haven’t looked into the game seriously at all yet (I don’t know how people play on this FOV). Might have a quick google now.

Also, what ‘Sage’ said above in regards to the crosshair colours. I personally simply want to be able to have a purple dot in the middle of my screen for other games besides PubG. :+1:

I’m actually mistaken the FOV slider has been announced for Vanguard. It is common speculation though that it will be added to warzone when the new map is released.

I have the same issue with my LG that uses the same panel, guess its a panel issue?

At the moment, our approach is not to announce what is coming in the immediate version until the release candidate (RC) firmware file meets the following criteria:

  • Confirm to correctly deliver on our request through internal checks by our team.
  • Pass the quality and reliability engineering (QRE) testing, which means the changes in this update stay consistent through prolonged use and do not introduce unexpected behaviors.
  • Pass the cross-check from electrical engineers, which verifies the integrity of changes typically unreachable by internal and QRE tests.
  • Green-light by the printed circuit board (PCB) factory as suitable for deployment in the continuation of mass production.

When incorrect implementation is caught among these tests, we frequently face a trade-off between scrapping one change for this version or taking more time. The time-consuming part is that the QRE and PCB factory tests must be re-conducted each time we modify the RC file for correction. Moreover, to efficiently use our time, we work on changes for future versions while the RC file is in testing.
FYI @Brandon_Smith

Our current bottleneck on this matter is to have DDC commands for each item and make them survive through power cycles. Its implantation on the firmware structure works like storing items on a shelf, and the catch is that a customized holding place needs to be created prior to storing an item, and the shelf has limited space, no need to mention that the item itself needs to be created in the first place. Therefore, it is a complicated task, and we are in the process of evaluating its feasibility.
FYI @jonwatso @AerialX @DeeKay

If we successfully implement DDC commands for more items, it’ll require a firmware update as it involves changes within the firmware.

Our team has decided that firmware tracking is not something we’ll do in the community. Creating, maintaining, liaising, and decision-making on such a public tracker is not meaningful use of team resources. Instead, it’ll be meaningful for us to take a deep look at more of your comments and take as many of your suggestions into account as we can.

Could you please explain the benefit of these colors beyond the three (white, red, black) that we already have?
FYI @Cad

Would you please detail your use case of this function? Typical source devices such as PCs and consoles have automatic screen-off and device-off settings, which can be used to let ES07D03 enter power-saving mode after a desired period.

This is not possible because ES07D03’s built-in USB hub cannot communicate with the HDMI input.

@Techmo Thanks for the info and pictures. We are looking into it.

No auto low-latency mode is a scaler limit. We have manual low-latency mode.

For the honor and glory! :clinking_glasses: These are taken with the release candidate firmware installed.



Awesome update. Thank you for the details (+ Series X/S photos)


Hey guys, back again so I have few random questions:

What do you look for in a phone? I personally look for performance, battery, screen quality, and charging rate. A nice camera is a bonus. I’ve been using the Red magic 5g for around 16months now, and aside from a few software hiccups it’s been a great phone.

Also for you FPS gamers, who’s going to be playing the open beta for Vanguard this weekend? It’s available to download without pre-order for playstation players from today I do believe.


I have a galaxy note 8. I want my phones similar to the note in size, features and of course comes with a pen. The battery life I want long lasting. I’ve seen some articles online that a few companies are working on batteries that dont need to be recharged for several years and another company looking into making batteries last longer. Now with gamepass being on smartphones and needing the special controller adapter its gonna eat up your battery must faster. Samsung tried putting in a battery that lasts longer but we know that story that battery extra juice made their phones explode. Would like to see a phone be charged and power by the sun. Built in solar panels but I guess that’ll cost to much to make. I also want the ability to block phone numbers and text messages as a default feature instead of downloading third party apps.

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Could you elaborate on the “Manual Low-Latency Mode”? - Will I need to make some adjustments in the OSD/Menus to enable the Low-Latency?

Can this “Scaler Limit” be improved/changed via a Firmware update in the future? To your knowledge, is there a definitive difference between “Auto Low-Latency” vs. “Manual Low-Latency”?

Possibly Off-Topic: Has any of the EVE Staff created/worked on a Color-Profile that is ideal when using the Xbox Series X? {Each Console; Xbox, Playstation, PC, etc} seems to have slightly different Color Saturations. < Just curious. Want to dial in the best possible settings to achieve the best image the Spectrum has to offer over HDMI 2.1 from the Xbox Series X.


Instead of asking whats coming in the next Firmware update. Could you briefly list what’s currently being discussed / looked at regarding future Firmware updates?
(One side is asking for what to expect in the next firmware. My side is asking what’s being looked at, but it may or may not ever come to the firmware)

I’m just curious as to what all is possible (or believed to be) for Firmware updates. I’m far from any Monitor Engineer/Designer, but I’m curious to know what can be improved/implemented in the near future.

<< My apologies if it sounds like I’m asking for the same thing just with more words. lol.

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I look for a few things. Innovation, in terms of what a phone can do that is far above the normal placing calls, checking emails, etc. sort of thing. My current device is a Google Pixel 4 XL (My Coral), and my previous was the Pixel 2 XL (Taimen). I’ve been an Android enthusiast since the original release of Android 1.6 Donut on the OG Motorola DROID, and I’m continuing that trend in looking at another Android device here soon.

A good camera is a must, because I’m an amateur photographer, and the Coral has been a decent phone for me - still has decent (for itself) battery life, well over a day, almost 2 years after, but I absolutely love the Astrophotography mode built into the camera app on the phone, and having decent connectivity with relatively few issues both at home on Wi-Fi as well as out in the open on LTE. So, Durability, size, and camera features are probably the most important to me.

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Been rocking a 1+8T and am really thinking about the new Pixel 6 Pro, as I develop cross-platform apps lately I really want to be on the bleeding edge of Android version but that 65W of charging on the 8T is such a life saver…

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Certainly. By default, the low-latency mode is forced on due to Adaptive-Sync requires the former to be active. Low-latency mode is greyed out in the OSD when it is forced on. Turning off Adaptive-Sync unlocks the option to turn off low-latency mode.

Based on the fact that this scaler limit is on the hardware level, it is not possible to be improved via a firmware update.

Yes. With manual low-latency, a user must manually switch on low-latency mode instead of letting the source device signal the display to turn on low-latency mode. When it comes to ES07D03, the low-latency mode is by default on and is recommended unless monitor scaling options are accessed.

Although there may be perceived image differences between Xbox Series X (XSX) and PC, they follow the standard HDR media profiles and color space. As ES07D03’s picture is tuned to standards such as DCI-P3 and sRGB, the default OSD setting is ideal for both devices. To leverage the best capability of ES07D03 on XSX, it is a good idea to make sure the XSX settings are tailored accordingly instead of staying its compatibility-oriented default settings:

  • Check all possible boxes under Video modes.
  • Under Video fidelity & overscan, configure Color depth to 30 bits per pixel (10-bit) and Color space to PC RGB.
  • Run HDR Game Calibration and follow the instructions.

Sure! There are a lot of them; I’ll name some notable ones:

  • Strobed VRR
  • More DDC commands
  • Even lower minimum brightness
  • Global dimming
  • HDR coloring and tone mapping
  • Pixel-perfect improvement
  • Type-C DSC
  • Manual DP modes
  • Acoustic noise reduction
  • Split-screen mode

Does Eve Spectrum support eARC via one of the HDMI ports or will it support it with a future update?

That has been discussed quite a few times, but the forum search isn’t showing all the discussions.

In short: eARC isn’t supported and can’t be added in the future. I believe it’s a limitation of the scaler chip that processes the display signals.


Use cases that needs auto turn off mode:
Amazon fire stick plugged in HDMI, you can’t turn off it so the monitor stay always on with a black enlightened screen.
Google Chromecast plugged in HDMI, same thing, but you will have the screensaver always there.
Reason why I use one of these: energy consumption.
Using my PC to watch Netflix is a bit overkill.


Has there been any update around the Free-sync Premium Pro certification? The monitor still shows up as a standard “VRR support” monitor in the AMD drivers rather than a free sync premium pro monitor. from memory I believe this monitor is G-Sync certified now. I don’t have any complaints about the monitor but would nice to see this in the AMD Driver section.

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It is a required feature that we are working on. Behind the scenes, getting FreeSync Premium Pro certification involves extensive HDR function improvement such as tone and gamut mapping, as well as the subsequent third-party lab testing.