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Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve passed these onto the team, and I’m sure the team will look into the possibility of extending our DDC capabilities/support.

I’m curious to learn:
What’s everyone looking forward to using their Spectrum for?
For me this was competitive gaming on NextGen.

If you’ve already received your Spectrum what do you most use your Spectrum for?

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Gaming and the backlight strobing. I currently have the ASUS XG27AQM so you guys have quite the competition to beat. I also have the Samsung G7 so I’ll most likely do a review and compare them and write me review when I receive my QHD @ 240 hz. Also using this as a monitor to connect my peripherals between my gaming desktop and my work computer so I can quickly switch between them :slight_smile: reason I mentioned my enormous suggestion above.



I want to see ALL GREEN Checks (Minus Dolby Vision) on every Item in 4K TV Details:

I want every possible Video Mode to be available to Toggle (Again, excluding Dolby Vision).

Can Dolby Vision be added via Firmware Update or is it physically impossible to implement Dolby Vision?


you need 1,000 nits to get dolby vision. Eve Spectrum does 750 nits.


Figured there was a limitation.
Guess I’ll compare the Lack-of Dolby Vision on the Spectrum to my 55" LG CX (BESTBUY LINK)

Looking forward to comparing a Personal-sized monitor to a Living-Room TV.
Hoping the Spectrum somehow working overall better than my current TV.


I mean it “could” if the VRR + backlight strobing gets implemented. LG OLED backlight strobing is really good BUT it only works on fixed refreshes so if the fps goes below that max refresh of the TV, you’ll get artifacts like crosstalk and studders. HDR will be noticeably better on the OLED, no contest. Honestly the backlight strobing is the only thing that would give the eve the edge at all.
OLED has
-better response times
-better HDR
-better blacks
-things looks super vibrant


For those who don’t know, DDC commands can be sent over display port or hdmi cables and can be used to change various settings of the monitor without having to actually open the OSD and instead use keyboard shortcuts or an easy to use software.

This sounds ideal. Its one thing that’s missing in every monitor that I’ve used. Some Displays have some really basic implementation of this but I would love to change settings on the monitor without having to use the OSD.

Also has there been any update about the AMD Freesync Premium certification? Currently the AMD drivers just show this monitor as a VRR monitor which for most things is perfectly fine. But it would be nice to have it so that the display auto enables free sync rather than you having to enable it. I see that the monitor is now G-Sync compatible which is great to see.

Also excited about the possibly of VRR Strobing. Watching a few videos on this, if it can be implemented it would take this monitor to the next level.


In a future firmware update the spectrum is gonna support HDR tone mapping. I’m looking forward to that firmware update.


FORUM SUGGESTION: Sticky a Locked-Thread that explains all the current changes done to the Firmware. Along with identifying Future Firmware Features/Fixes/Bugs for all to see.

Seems like the info, as to what’s coming next to Firmware v103, is quite scattered. And no offense to @LoneWolf , but Moderators/Eve-Staff should be the only individuals spreading what could be expected for the next firmware update.

Just trying to keeps things Clean & Organized. I absolutely hate (Pet-Peeve) when someone response “Do a Search on the Forums, the info was stated already” << Why not quote the information & identify the exact location the information was gathered. Hence the need for a Sticky-Locked Thread giving Official updates to the Firmware.

I keep saying Locked, cause user input isn’t necessary. A Firmware Suggestion Thread (Sticky) would come in handy.
But that’s pretty much what this thread is all about. Suggesting Future Features, talk about Current Features, Discussing and discovering innovative solutions that utilize the Spectrum (4K/144hz model), etc.


I’m still looking forward to this firmware update.


I’m still trying to get information on whether/when this will be available. The DDC command for input switching (VCP 0x60) does not currently work as far as I can tell. It’s a very important missing feature for KVM use-cases and multi-system setups!

Also a generic +1 for DDC support of OSD settings in general because wow do I miss it from the monitor my spectrum has replaced.


Can a purple cross hair option PLEASE be added.


Looking forward to Battlefield 2042 the most. But also really diving into my growing ps5 library


Hey, I just got a Macbook Pro 16 and noticed that when I turn on HDR in MacOS, the Spectrum looks very muted and dull, but looks much better when I turn it off. I wonder if anyone experienced this as well and knows why it does this. It’s almost as if it’s already in HDR mode when it’s off and when I turn it on it cancels it out.

Pictures for comparison:

With HDR enabled

With HDR disabled


I believe it’s the way the local dimming zones work when HDR is enabled. I’ve seen some reviewers mention it. I think they should add an option in a future firmware update to disable local dimming when HDR is enabled.

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Iam tired for saying it again and again.

99% of the PC Monitors with a HDR Badge actually arent HDR as you think.

There are 1-2 Pc Monitors on the market with true HDR capabilities.

The „lower certificates“ are just there for marketing. You will always get a less accurate picture when using HDR on these PC Monitors. But ppl do 0 research, they see the HDR badge on the box and happily activate it.

Ps: This is not something specific to EVE. I repeat, this accounts to 99% of the PC Monitors with HDR.


Hello! In the next firmware update would it be possible to add:

1.) Low Latency Mode - Xbox Series X greys out the option to use auto low latency mode. It’s listed as a feature of the Spectrum. Can this bug be fixed please?

2.) Crossair - Some additional crossair colors (green, blue, purple) would be a cool addition for FPS gamers. Would this be possible as well?

Thank you!


So, after I get my spectrum 4k 144hz monitor (sometime between now and 2022) and the iPhone 13 Pro Max :iphone: comes out on 9/14/21, I guess the only thing I’ll truly be waiting for is the Cybertruck. :truck:

It’s crazy how 2020 was a collective pregame waiting lobby :rofl:


I’ve never really been into battlefield, but may have to give the new one a try!
I kinda like the look of the new Call of duty unsure if I will be ordering. I’m definitely excited for the new Warzone map for sure though, especially using the PS5 with Spectrum. It seems they will also be adding the customisation of FOV for consoles which is pretty cool!

For those who play Call of duty, any one excited for the new game/new warzone map?

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Yeah really looking forward to the new Warzone map. Will be a nice change of pace.

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