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This. Being able to adjust Digital Vibrance is the reason I’ve stuck with Nvidia for over a decade.


Crossposting this here because I found a workaround that you all can use

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I finally had some time to mount the Spectrum, I will be posting my opinion later, but for now I’ve got a problem with hdmi 2.1.

Maybe someone of you got an idea.

I can’t select 10 bit Color depth while running 144hz on HDMI 2.1 .
If I connect a Display port cable, this setting runs just fine. If I select 120Hz on HDMI, 10 bit also runs fine.

Testet 6 cables in total.

OS: Win11
Graphics Card: AMD 6800XT
Certified HDMI 2.1 cable (3m) verified via HDMI App.
Firmware: 104, tested on 102 (forum edition :grin: )


Just threw a 3060ti in my computer and it works.
Seems like a AMD + EVE or only AMD problem :thinking:
But I think I saw some guys running 4k@144 10bit on the 27GP…

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I’m using a 20" Vizio 2.1 soundbar + wireless subwoofer for enhanced audio for watching movies and tv shows and have it connected to Spectrum via the 3.5mm jack. I use my MacBook with Spectrum for school and the built in speakers are pretty good, but if I want more bass I’ll use the soundbar.

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So I am finding that after updating to 104 my monitor will not get a picture on screen unless I switch my xbox on first and then the monitor anyone getting the same issue?? Also my monitor doesn’t pick up my firestick!! Not sure if anyone has these issues or if there’s a work around incoming?

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Hi @GB81,

Please can you confirm a few things for me.

  1. Are you using the HDMI 2.1 that came with the Xbox?
  2. Does this occur when you’ve left the Spectrum on for a long time?
  3. Have you tried using an alternative port?

In regards to the Firestick issue, our Team will be testing this out and I’ll get back to you.


This looks interesting to me - considering it can do “daisy chain”. Although, there is no HDMI. And with a MacBook, you can control the monitor Audio levels and the monitor brightness seamlessly from the MacBook keyboards. I just do not know whether it works with a Windows computer or not. Apple is unable to tell me that.

So the other thing with that monitor is:

  • 24" display instead of 28"
  • 60Hz refresh rate instead of 144Hz
  • 14ms response time grey-to-grey (this is more than most business grade displays)

I think that display was designed by LG specifically for Apple so it MAY work on Windows but you won’t get all the same functionality, especially the daisy-chaining. Apple uses their own proprietary daisy-chaining protocol instead of the industry-standard MST protocol.

This display is definitely not for gamers.

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It’s only 23.7" and it only works through thunderbolt ports. Only the apple computers operating system really does that. It does not have the HDMI 2.1 nor does it have the same refresh rate and response time. It is a very good screen for photo editing though.

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but i am on verge of ordering LG 27GN95B-B very similar to spectrum seems same IPS same 144 same HDR1000 and 600. is there really any difference beside HDMI 2.1?

Nope, unless you are really into the RGB lighting and hardcore gamer look. Same screen and capabilities. It also seems to be the same availability as the Spectrum.

I would almost bet that LG monitor has the same panel in it as the Eve. Because I vaguely remember a conversation last year about them using LG panels. Most monitor brands use LG panels.

@MarvyMarvz yes I am using both the xbox and ps5 2.1 hdmi cables that came with the consoles. Like I said I have to switch both consoles on first before the spectrum. Even then the screen doesn’t always come on but switching it on and off again normally works, if not I power cycle then it works. I only switch the monitor off via the power button never at the mains. Yes I have used both ports and both have the same issue. Tried the firestick again last night but to no avail.

Funny that the shipping discussion was closed for 4 hours on a friday evening… hopefully not just to dodge the shipping status requests… i thought we were supposed to get information by the end of this week?

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It was definitely not them dodging anything. It is someone letting their emotions get the best of them and flagging every post that wasn’t exactly pertaining to “shipping”. People have let their impatience get the best of themselves and everyone else is paying for it…

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