Spectrum Arrived, which settings?

Display is gorgeous and works really well, so far no complaints. I’m looking for some tips on picture adjustments, anyone has tips/recommendations?

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I will stay here and ready what the recommanded settings from you all here are

Does your colour calibration sheet show that the red is inaccurate too? (>2 delta E) I wonder how we can fix that if that’s the inaccuracy AFTER calibration…

Pretty sure the report shows the values before calibration, ie. what has been corrected due to calibration.

If i set adaptive sync to on, strobing function is not available

If I’ve understand the Chief correctly, this setting should work even with VRR, it’s „static“ but it should work.
Maybe @ReignDespair has some infos about that.

No. They say the opposite. They’ll be providing their services for VRR+strobing but that will be at a later date.


VRR strobing is currently unavailable for Spectrum. We are currently working with @BlurBusters on the possibility of enabling this feature with a future firmware update.

If you would like to read more here is a link to @BlurBusters’ post: Link here


Ok thanks, seems like I’ve misunderstood the text.
I’ve thought the strobing can be active with some predefined values (eg @144hz) and if the we’ve got under 144fps (eg 120) the strobing for 144 will work with lower FPS, so not perfectly tuned.

But i haven’t thought this won’t work at all with VRR.
Looking forward to a VRR update, as probably the majority will use VRR for gaming.

I have questions regarding the settings:

  1. What is better to use as settings app: Windows settings or Nvidia settings app - or does it matter anyway? And has someone found a good setting in Nvidia - should the gsync be on…

  2. As DP cables ordered did not arrive I use a rather old DP cable. The monitor with that cable has problems in waking up from standby. Is there any specific setting I can use to ensure the monitor wakes up.

BTW: I have a GTX2060 and it seems that the 4K 144 is quite a burden for that card… even without playing games…-

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Many options in the OSD are greyed out. The only thing I can adjust is:

  • Color Space=sRGB
  • Adaptive Sync=ON
  • Sharpness= 60
  • Gamma=2.2
  • Response Time Overdrive=Normal

I’m not able to adjust contrast, color temp, backlight dimming, low latency mode, backlight strobing…all greyed out

Is this due to some configuration settings I did/have to do, or is it coming with future firmware update?

Sounds like you have HDR enabled (HDR locks out local dimming controls for example), and Adaptive Sync also disables access to strobing settings at this time.

The team are looking at seeing precisely which settings can be unlocked with HDR enabled, and BlurBusters are working with Eve at allowing strobing with VRR.


I don’t have HDR enabled in Windows just to be clear, however I do have Adaptive Sync. Connected over DP 1.4

Yes, currently many items are grayed out and cannot be selected even in the SDR state.
This is also confirmed in my environment. I’m sure this will be addressed in a future firmware update.
In my environment (DP1.4 connection), the aspect ratio setting is not working even though I can select it.
No matter which setting I select, the image is enlarged to full screen. I don’t know if it’s a bug, unimplemented, or just my environment.
What about other people? Is the aspect ratio setting reflected correctly?

Change your colour space. That is what is stopping you from changing the OSD settings, along with Adaptive Sync being on. I’m on DCI-P3 and changing it to sRGB greyed out the options.

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