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What the heck is going on with the forum … I created a topic under the link

and tried to access it now to see what was the progress and feedback from the community only to find that I don’t have access to that topic.

anybody care to explain?



After some months, Eve decided unilaterally that every kind of support topics should be erased from this forum (or “archived” as they say). As they are unable to answer anything by the proper way (Support contact), we saw a multiplication of those threads here. As they are trying to get new investors, they are trying to make everything looks “good”.

(and now we should have a fanboy defender in coming in 3… 2… 1…


already did. its been moved to an archive section that only TL3 (Regular) users can access. If it were gone the notification would say that it doesn’t exist.

If you don’t have TL3, either you’re too much of a troll and been flagged too much, or you’re too stingy with the likes because you’ve definitely probably been a member long enough. @Phil had the same problem and all he had to do was go on a liking spree to get TL3.

if you ask nicely, @nawthor the shieldbearer might be able to illuminate you on where you’re lacking.


Almost, but not quite. The topic in question is not actually in the archive, but rather under other questions. It’s mostly meant as reminder category on “this is stuff that might need an FAQ article down the line.”

But I also figured it could probably be under #products:v-general-discussion, so I’ve just moved it.


so I’ve got to like somebody to actually view a post :slight_smile: damn … that’s being tough on the community.


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