Something is clearly happening here





You god damn tease, you.

j/k, love ya.


daaaamn! That is orgasmic for tech heads like us. Julio rightly said, we want moreee. xD


Wow it is just spectacular , Please give us more content.


Man I just love watching Surface Pro production videos (/s)


What about Eve V production?


I see some reddit leaking through :wink:

Some interesting shots of the Eve V production :slight_smile:


let us spread it. The one thing we definitely want is mindshare. I will put this up on my social media accounts tomorrow after my examination.


Agreed. This just amps up the excitement for the 21st, its good to see thing happening!
Especially with tehse kinds of crowd funded projects, seeing an actual piece of the hardware makes me feel much more confident, and I’m sure that will be the case for many others, also those from outside the community.


ooooohh :grinning::smiley::grinning::smiley::grinning::smiley::grinning::smiley::grinning::smiley:


Am I the only one who has no idea what those cow-milking-like apparatus are supposed to mean?


@ruff something like this , perhaps?


Can you link us some? :slight_smile:


Here’s one :wink:


Indian serials challenge a person to downgrade their intellect like nothing else can.


Oh you were trolling? :smiley:

I thought you were talking about Surface videos, since that one’s the V :wink:


My guess is that it creates a somewhat grippy surface by sprinkling sand onto the metal. Should create a similar texture to my Acer W700 that I love so much :stuck_out_tongue: