Software for laptops made by eve


If their was any thing I could change about a windows device it would be the windows part. I hate windows for so many reasons it is harder to operate for people who are new to it or computers and it is terribly optimized. It probable wont happen but if coders from our community work together over a long period of time we could try to develop so sort of light unix based os that could come on only eve devices or could be public


You can install any Linux on the V.
I think there is also a non OS version planned, but why would you want to develop your own Linux Version?


I have read quite often that eve is a hardware company and not a software company. This won’t be anything official by eve, but if you find enough people here in the community go ahead and do it :smiley:


Though I’m not sure that Linux (or any OS) is instantly usuable by someone new to computers. It’s like me saying English is very easy to learn because I had no problems learning it without any textbooks or lessons. People who didn’t grow up with it as a native tongue would disagree!


Lets’ keep religion wars out of the conversation. Whether OS X (aka Linux and MAC OS) or Windows or Android (aka Chrome OS) are better for delivering a better user interface is not going to be won in this forum, it is a religion war with folks taking sides because that is what they are used to, not because one is better than the other.


As far as I can see, absolutely no one is looking to start one, beyond some general feedback on the opening poster’s idea. If it was directed at me, I’m saying exactly the same as you :slight_smile:


but windows is terrible optimized would you say no to more performance


If you want to have optimized software for your hardware, you should buy an apple product.


they are very expensive and why not make eve products better by making things more efficient


Gentlemen, you are entering a religion war. There is no convincing anyone that your opinion is better than theirs in this realm.