So what's the status of the refunds?


Hi beloved fellows, I thought that making a different topic specifically for this process as talking mainly about this on weekly updates appeals to me a bit unproductive.
Therefore, if any of you know anything about the refund option, how and when it will be finished, just hop on the boat.

(Obliviously)For the ones who have intended to get the refund, you(we) guys should have received two surveyes first regarding the People who intend and the other one for the refund options.
Beware of the fact that you have the possibility on the second survey to wait until your V is coming (estimated delivery: August) and between now and then you can request the refund.
As far as I can remember, it has been stated somewhere that this process can take as long as 4 weeks .


So, does any of you know when we’ll get the money?


Hi, I thought that the direct cash refund was supposed to get sent by October or something awful like that? I’ll have to go and look into this. I haven’t gotten anything yet except the confirmation of the refund being requested.


That’s the same here


Same here! Nothing so far for me after i’ve completed the “survey”.


You received a confirmation for the cancellation ? I have filled both surveys, but I didn’t receive any form of confirmation…

Even on the eve-tech site my order still shows “unfulfiled” where I would rather have expected a “canceled” status…


Same here. Probably I should contact support. Heard nothing after filling in the survey.


Hi guys, I have contacted support later these days and they seem to have this situation with the timeline of the refunds under control.

Thank you for reaching out to us and letting us know you filled the cancellation form. Your order is considered cancelled. We are sorry to hear that you chose to let your order go, and we hope that in the future you are willing to give us another shot.

As you requested the cancellation, you will be contacted directly in the future regarding your refund.

Thanks for your time, patience, and understanding.


Refund status on paypal is that they are very fast and actually reply when contacted.
Got my money back fast and without trouble by going through paypal.

Too bad the V was just a bad dream.
10/10 Would refund again.:slight_smile:


No phrase satisfies consumer anxiety as definitively as “in the future”.


I’m sorry but this customer lying squad - ah I mean - customer support has promise me lots of things so far, like:
‘Lastly, we currently cannot a reason why it would take longer than 30th of June for your device to arrive, since the order tracker is a personalized view, I cannot see it from my end, but I do believe that your device should be there around mid-June.’ (E-mail from the 19th May).

So I hope it’s understandable if I don’t trust @Konstantinos or @Mike or anyone from EveTech anymore.

I bought 2 other devices for me (Acer Switch 5) and my wife (iPad Pro) and one through my school (iPad 2018).

I am glad if I never have to hear of this company called EveTech - or whatever this supposed investor will rename it into - again.
Just want my money back before they go bankrupt.


I’m just eating popcorn waiting for the next set of posts from EVE telling everyone to beliEVE some more excuses.

Refunds are not going to happen. Everyone needs to hit up their payment processors immediately, if they have not done so already. Time is not on your side.


Just to add…

July 21 update (or lack there of)

The latest update is… there is no update. Investor backed out (I thought someone had posted a rumor about this as well).

Models you ordered…well… they are now in the scrap heap.

Its like watching year-long youtube video of FAILBLOG… you know each episode is going to get more painful as it progresses.