Slow Wifi on the V?


Has anyone else noticed show wifi on the V? I am using it on my home wifi network. My phone and desktop computer are on the same network. My V always seems to load websites very slowly and sometimes even times out, but I have never had these issues with phone or desktop. Any idea how to fix this?


What browser are you using?


Adding to the question above, do you use the same browser on all three devices?


I have the same problem. When I check with speedtest, my Phone have 85MB/s down and 20 MB/s up.
But the fu… EVE have only 10 MB/s down and 1.6 MB/s up :-1::-1:


on my Vs Wifi works great. Yesterday I put V next to SP4 and turn speedtest. On V I had 320Mb/s (max), on SP4 - 230Mb/s. One thing on V that works good. :smiley:


Have you already try connect your V to the 5 GHz band? :thinking:

2.4 GHz band limits is about 100 Mbps. Which is about 10 MBps.



I’m a stupid old man:woozy_face: I have two WIFI in my office on full spped and one for backup / reserve.
With full speed I have the same rate as with my OnePlus :grinning:
Take everything back what I wrote before:roll_eyes:

Thanks Guys

I dont have updated any drivers with my W10 / Pro /64 / Version 1803 / Systembuilt: 17134.228
Should I update all my drivers? Any conflicts with the update drivers?


Hello Nirut

Was another problem: have two WIFI in my office. Connected with the wrong WIFI :frowning:

All seems OK :blush:

Thanks for your support


Update the drives to the 20.0.??? Wireless drivers form intel. I think its under inter driver assistant.


Bruh. Personal information… lucky only a few people saw that.


You aren’t the only som in town:
We all (well, very very privately off course :zipper_mouth_face:) have had som moments :hugs:
Oh yeah, som = “stupid old man”


Lots of problems for many different manufacturers after Windows 10 July update, update your wireless driver separately.


I am using Firefox on both my desktop and V. I have updated my wireless drivers to the latest versions, but problem seems to persist. It actually feels like the connection is flickering between being on and off. I am showing as connected to wifi with strong signal at all times, but when I try to load a website, sometimes it takes a few tries of refreshes before I can get it work. When I am downloading a file, the download rate seems to fluctuate between 0 and a reasonable rate over the course of seconds to minutes.


I actually have three (Edge, chrome, Firefox) installed on my V - well, five if you count canary and nightly - and my experience is plugins/addons/whatchamacallits have a massive impact on how snappy a browser feels when loading a page, and Firefox is the worst offender.

On canary (which I have no add ons), browsing is positively swift while on firefox (which has all the plugins) it can get really, really slow.

I don’t know about why your download speeds are slow though, I don’t have a problem with that so I can’t comment.

Do you have many other things open concurrently? That’s a weak point of the V imo, you can really feel the difference just by having more than 3 or 4 things going on in the background.


I second this. I did that and got full speeds after it installed and rebooted.


I don’t think it’s related to my browser, since I also have issues with downloading apps from the Microsoft Store (and even loading app descriptions at times)…


Ohhhh - try fiddling with the proxy settings.

I remember having a similar problem, was fixed by changing the proxy settings. Can’t remember the exact steps tho.


Do you use 2.4GHz wifi? Do you have bluetooth often enabled in any of your devices? Those are known to sometimes interfere with each other.



Sorry I was a taaaad busy but lemme try to help you!

Could you please try to set your wifi frequency to a preferred one?

It might be that your V is basically hoping between 2 WiFi networks due to whatever reason.

Hope that helps!