[Sleeve] Early February Update


HELLO GUYS! :slight_smile:

The man bows humbly

Its Mike here, back from China. We headed straight to visit our partners Mozo to see where we stand with the Sleeves!

After listening to your most valuable feedback, we’re now approaching the design questions with a multi disciplinary method, looking at each choice through functionality and aesthetics (look, feel and function).

Speaking of the development method you are such a big part of, Mozo guys really really like you guys!
They have told us over and over again how much they enjoy reading your feedback so keep it coming guys :wink: You rock!

Konsta, Dario & Olli evaluating Propeller’s feeback

We’re progressing according to planned timelines in terms of sleeve production, and the current prototypes we have are approximately: getting close to being ready-for-production.

Magnetic Sleeve is at around 80% readiness, while Zipper needs a bit more fine tuning, being at around 65% readiness respectively.

As you have requested from us, today we were discussing the following main points:

Magnetic Sleeve:

Increasing the flap more towards the edges.

  • We’re going to prototype this and see how much extension we can do.
  • We’re also going to reduce the reach of the flap on x axis, making it a little smaller.

Zipper Sleeve:

We liked the color or the felt very much, it had this cool “camouflage” look into it, but simultaneously the texture was a bit too “hairy”. We’re considering
to apply pressure on the fabric on manufacturing to make it smoother to touch.

Zipper Sleeve in Dario’s hands, portrayed in a horrible picture taken by Mike

We also liked the idea of waterproof zipper, but in actuality it seems to be hard to implement. Also constructing the zipper from non-metal materials takes off the premium and makes the zipper harder to open - you actually have to use more force to open it. If you take a look at any premium bag, high quality metal zipper is always used.

Seems like the original idea needs some rethinking. After all, people will be putting the V into and pulling it out from the sleeve many many times. We don’t want the “Zipper” to be hard to use :smiley:

As such, we concluded that it would be worth taking a look into how we could use a premium metal zipper. This would improve the functionality: it would be easier to open and close. It would also create a luxurious feel to the product. It could also be a nice eye catcher! We will need to create a prototype to figure out how we elimiate the threat of scratching
your precious Vs inside :wink:

Let us hear our thoughts below. Please note that while I wrote this post, @konstantinos has actually been in the Sleeve creation process more intensively, so I may have said something above that’s sounds contradictory to what’s been decided or said earlier, so in those cases ping Konsta here :wink:

ps. Next time I will take better pictures haha :wink:


@Mike great you took pictures:)

Some people had a question about difference in weight between 2 sleeves. Both sleeves are very light and it is really impossible to tell a difference from just holding them :slight_smile: We will make exact measurements after we get revised version of them


That said, if a metal zipper gets stuck, it’s pretty much impossible to get it out :c But I hope you can get a really high quality zipper :wink:


I think one of the most important things of the zipper is that it should protect a little bit the device against scratches caused by the zipper. It’s good that they will take care of it… I would like to know later, if they have a protection about that before choosing between the sleeves. :slight_smile:


I agree on this one (even though I have not ordered the zipper version, but luckily there’s still time to think it over… and based on pictures and progress I might swap).

@Mike @Konstantinos maybe it makes sense to extend felt on the inside of the sleeve to be as long/longer than the zipper. So if I have two layers of felt, the outside layer ends and the zipper is attached there, but the inside layer goes somewhat further. Once I try to close the zipper, the inside portion of the sleeve bends slightly inside (to protect the V from rubbing against the zipper).
This in my opinion would help with sliding the V in and out of the sleeve (as the felt is longer than the zipper and thus it’s less likely to hit) plus while the V is inside the sleeve.

I tried to draw a picture to better illustrate it. Please excuse the crappy design, don’t take proportions serious, and feel free to criticize or tell me that it won’t work Feedback is highly appreciated. :slight_smile:


I think there’s one problem with your suggestion… as you put the tablet in, it will push the red part further inside and expose the zipper. On the other hand, they could extend the felt on the outside, too, and that would probably protect the tablet when sliding both in and out :slight_smile:


That could work as well, with the only concern that it needs a third layer of felt or creates sort of a “bump”.
But yes, it pushes it inwards - thus it has to be more sturdy (which then influences its capability to bend inward when needed for the zipper closing)… quite a tricky thing. :grin:


No, actually zippers are produced already embedded on a fabric. So there will be one layer of felt on the outside, one on the inside, and the zipper will be squeezed in between these layers (not on one of them), so that’s not a problem :slight_smile: (I know that because my grandma is a tailor, haha :smiley: )



I would have some questions to the sleeves:

  • As somewhere stated, there is a pocket inside/on the sleeves for being able to put in cables, charger, etc. Is this still up-to-date?
  • Can this pocket be closed (e.g. zipper), so that nothing falls out?
  • How much can I store in this pocket?
  • How strong would the magnet be? (Thinking of Eve falls out or magnet is destroying my credit cards/external HDDs)?
  • I would love to see some laces for being able to put/hang/attach anything on the sleeve while carrying around (or attach the sleeve to a backback), e.g. with some snap-hooks/carabiners. But that would also mean that the lace needs to carry the whole weight of the Eve/charger/accessories…
  • Speaking of a waterproof zipper: What I would really love to see is a waterproof case (still with touch support).


What also came into my mind: How is the sleeve working with the Alcantara Keyboard Upgrade? I can guess that the Alcantara might be 1) a little bit thicker and 2) have a different haptic so that it could be harder to pull out the Eve… could you check that too?
Additionally: How does the sleeve work with and without the keyboard :wink:


From what I’ve read, the additional pocket on either sleeve model will not fit a charger or anything like that, and is just sized to add papers. Also, both sleeves are designed to fit the V and its keyboard. Storing just the V may leave it some wiggle room, though that should not damage it.


Lol just a random, fun thought: a zipper and a magnetic (secure) on each side haha


One problem I foresee with this solution is that the red part may not ALWAYS fold inwards (especially along the sides) thus jamming the zipper. But the idea itself is sound - I think it will need to be more of a bumper than a flap…


also, has any thought gone into having the zipper go all the way around? Then with the addition of a little support flap you’d have this…


Have fun with overheating :slight_smile:


good point on the overheating


I might have overlooked it but have you guys chosen a material for the magnetic flap yet? :slight_smile:
I remember black leather was an option but there were other ideas, too, right?

Edit: Thanks for the update and the photos!


I have ordered a zipper protective sleeve, so I’m interested in this matter.

I don’t dispute your view that a high quality metal zipper makes a statement, but I googled for laptop/tablet premium bags/sleeves with metal zippers and came up pretty short. dBramante had one, but that’s about it. Maybe there are more, but I wasn’t able to find them in my brief search.

The fact is that if the zipper bag opening isn’t large enough, i.e. the zipper surrounds 3/4 of the circumference, the metal zipper is going to scratch our precious V when taking it out or putting it in.

There are ways to prevent scratching, but I suspect that they can make the design and use of the bag more complex.

Purely from practical reasons, my preference is a plastic zipper.

Have you thought about a concealed zipper?

Concealed zipper looks a bit like waterproof zipper, but waterproof it isn’t, maybe splashproof to an extent.

Nowadays quite a few outdoor clothing manufacturers use these kind of zippers. For example at haglofs.com there are several pieces of clothing with concealed zippers.

I also recognise that the concealed zippers aren’t always the smoothest in operation. And a concealed zipper may be difficult to take neatly around bag corners, but I’m sure that the good people at Mozo are capable of solving those kind of pesky little problems.

One important aspect on the zipper is the zipper tab, make it large enough, please.

And if all fails, here’s definitely a premium (and waterproof) zipper from W.L. Gore & Associates - probably the zipper costs more than the whole bag!


Those concealed zippers have one huge problem: the “concealing” fabric starts peeling off after some use…


love it… very nice! and of course, very handy with water proof thing :slight_smile: