Sleeve design continues. 3 design directions from Mozo are here


Hello Eve Family!

As promised we have 3 fundamentally different sleeve concepts/ design directions to hear your thought on. Make sure to check out previous thread to know where these concepts are coming from :slight_smile:

Let’s get down to business!

After carefully analysing all of the feedback you have provided about sleeve we came up with 3 different design directions. Concepts were designed differently so that we could hear the best and worst things about each one of them to later combine them into a winning design.

From the previous discussion, we realised that most of you would like to have a case that matches minimalistic design and graphite grey colour of V well. so the design attitude we took was to design something so simple and elegant that it stands out. Also from the previous discussion it became clear that most people would use sleeve together with some bag so sleeve has to be especially portable and durable.

It starts with the selection of the materials that would be used to design the case. Eve Community wanted to have a very durable, elegant and sturdy material for V sleeve that would give extra protection. After exploring different material options we think that high-quality dark grey felt is a perfect material to go with the V. So all of the concepts below are using it as the main material.

Key things before you go to the concepts:

  • The goal of this thread is to select the direction of design for the sleeve.
  • This are the rough drawings to illustrate ideas so nothing is fixed in stone and changes can and will be made based on your comments
  • Concepts were designed so that they are very different to present you as many ideas as possible

Without further ado let me introduce you 3 concepts that Mozo guys came up with based on community feedback. I added some blur for additional intrigue :smile:

How you could help:

  1. Have a look at all 3 concepts and give us your feedback on what you like and dislike about each concept
  2. Select your favourite design direction in the poll below
  3. Let us know if you have any questions.

Our goal is to hear as many thoughts from you as possible to make sure that we make a sleeve you would love to use.

What design direction do you liked the most?

  • Concept 1
  • Concept 2
  • Concept 3
  • I like the idea of sleeve but I liked none of the concepts above

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What is your second favourite concept?

  • Concept 1
  • Concept 2
  • Concept 3

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P.S. Concept 2 uses high quality plastic zipper ( so it won’t scratch the device)


Good job, guys !! Very exciting to be able to choose our prefered concept !!


These are all incredibly good looking!! Number 1 is the exact design i wanted from the beginning, aside from a lapability model.


Only 7 voters !! Hey guys, it’s not another Konstantinos’ joke, you can really click on pictures to see the 3 concepts :wink:


Thanks! To be frank this time I made it so that people read the text. As I couldn’t hold myself from going straight to the pictures :slight_smile:

@benej98 happy you love them!!!


Hoped to see the puller integrated to the first one, but that’s anyway amazing! good job from Mozo’s guys!


@Fabio_CF thanks for your kind words!
But hey we can definitely add that feature! I’ll mark it down.



I’m actually okay with Sleeve 1 or Sleeve 2 designs.
Selected Sleeve 2 from my side though. Just feel that a zip would be much more secure…

Let’s make this happen!
Excited to get my EVE V in April!
(Hopefully sooner haha)


I’d be happy with #1 or #2. I like the urban look of #2 but really like having that extra pocket like in #1. Really well done on all three.


Concept 1 and 2 are great! I’m an airline guy and the flap on #1 will just snag on my case as everything is loaded from the top, so pref for #2, but #1 is also a fab design.


I do like all three concepts, every one has something exclusive. I went with number 2, number 1 as second (but simply because I do not exactly get the closing mechanism of number 3, seems like the sleeve will have to be bigger than the device to get the felt sections come together above?)

I see myself buying either one that is decided in the end :smiley:


I really liked concepts #1 and #2. I like the flap closure of #1 best but really like the pocket on the inside in concept #2. I’m not sure the pocket on the outside as in concept #1 is very useful to me.


voting for 2.

  • extra stability from the reinforcement back plate is good
  • weather sealed zipper: top
  • Preferring a zipper as this can not open by accident
  • but I’m not sure if felt is the right material to mix with a water sealed zipper, because felt (at least the one I’m imagining right now) is not water resistant.


  • is the extra pocket only for some papers or other flat things or will we be able to put charger and cables into it?
  • can we go with something different than felt? Insufficient water resistance and cat hair magnetism are the first things that come to my mind…


Option 1:

  • Easy to open magnets.
  • Pocket on the back for other stuff like papers etc.
  • The closing lid looks soooo bad… That alone makes it a NO

Option 2:

  • Very elegant.
  • Hard material inside helps to protect the V and possible papers inside - just great.
  • Missing extra pocket for charger or papers.

Option 3:
~ Lets call it futuristic…

  • Looks like it’s gonna be hard to open, at least much harder than other 2 options; so you can’t simply get the V out of it’s sleve.
  • I don’t want to lose my pen on the first day, so how will it be secured on the bottom?

Overall I like Option 2 the most. For me it lacks a separate pocket (on the back as Option 1 or inside, doesn’t matter) which really should be added. If it was a new Apple Macbook with absolutely no connectors except the one USB-C port it would be OK, but it’s the V. We went with many port to make it actually portable, so why does everyone assume we won’t take any cables / chargers with us…?!


My issue with 1 (and why I chose 2) is the openings on the corners (where the flaps do not cover) I don’t want anything (rain, sand, dog hair, etc) able to get in when it’s closed. A high quality zipper seals it off and offers a very positive closure. 3 seems like the pen would be hard to get out, and the area around it (where you slide the pen in) would eventually show more wear/grime. I also would not trust that closure. I also prefer the simplicity of 2.

It would be nice though if the inside had a splash of colour. Nothing too crazy, it would still look professional if the liner was red or orange or something. (and you would only see it when you open it)

It might be cool if the hard material piece could double as a ‘placemat’ of sorts if you need extra anti-slip stability (say on a moving train or similar) The piece could be rubberized and removable


Oh shoot. Didn’t even notice the inside pocket for #2.


Ok just realized there was a inside pocket on #2. Well if one vote makes a difference then change my vote from 1 to 2.


TBH when it comes to product add-ons I like them to be something that I cannot buy from 3rd party vendors. I mean a certain design of sleeve is hardly a purchasing decision for an Eve is it? I have an expensive leather/fabric sleeve for my SP3 that I have never used because I just sling it in my shoulder bag at the end of the day.

Does this opinion mean I am not an appropriate person to own an Eve??


Eve Sleeve concept are all good ( 1 thru 3), but #2 is preferred as pocket is on inside of case. No.1 is second choice.