Singaporeans Unite!


I’ve submitted to PayPal dispute resolution to get back my money. Late delivery once is possibly acceptable. Twice, and it’s just poor management.

Please note you only have 180 days to do so if you wish to, so get on it quickly if you do!


Yup I think I’ll do the same as you. Too many delays I rather not take the risk.


Have paypal gotten back to you yet?i just log a case with them today. Done waiting for something ambiguous.


You have to wait. After you log a case, they will give the seller an opportunity to respond. If the seller doesn’t respond by a certain time, then they will refund you directly.

Do note that there are 2 different levels to this. When you file your case it starts off as arbitration between buyer and seller. You have to escalate in order for PayPal to be involved.


Thanks Lameve I’m waiting for eve to reply in the arbitration by tomorrow is no response, I’ll probably escalate to PayPal. No poin waiting for so long with nothing received. Sigh I got so much hope for this co but the delays are really ruining…


any 4 Dec flash sales buyer here?

my shipping estimator shows 4 June to 20 June.

5th June received DHL delivery notice… 6th June Eve came knocking on my doorsteps!


YAAASSSS FINALLY now maybe people will believe my 28 hour delivery story.

Independently verified!


mine is even less than 24 hours!


anyone waiting for replacement accessories to ship and have a reply from the team regarding the rough timeline for shipping? been waiting ages for a replacement keyboard and kinda wanna know if it’ll make it in time for uni in aug