Singaporeans Unite!


Shld be release soon on the same day, mine also got this on hold status.


Nice. Feel so much relieved now. Thanks for the info! :relieved:


Its Monday guys!!! The day our Vs supposed to land in our laps!!! Cant wait!!! I am heading to to my head office after my onsite work just to pick it up! Dont care how late I will be!!!


I actually got mine yesterday. DHL works sundays so it was a nice surprise. So far, the V is great. I don’t have much experience with Windows 10 or touch-screens so everything looks shiny and nice to me.


Same here! Got mine on Sunday. Missing the zipper sleeve ordered together. Support says they’ll be sending it out.

Also not much experience on win10 too. Been on a Macs for a long time. Strangely enjoying tablet mode! Lol.


Anyone who ordered during the December flash sale and managed to get any progress on their device ? ><


Flash sale devices haven’t started shipping yet. Next month was the target what I last heard


There was a mail recently. They’re starting production again and hope to ship by the end of March


Guys I just spotted a crack on my V after shining a bright light on it. Please check your Vs under a light man. This is really scary. Will be contacting support.


ooh. how long did you have it before you noticed it? pic pls?


I had it for about 3 days before I discovered it but actual usage is about 1 days as I was really busy. Saw something weird when I was looking at the screen under the sun. Went home to really closely look at it and realised there was a crack. Could not be me as I didnt know it about and there are no signs of any knocks too.


:sob: I’m still waiting for my V. Been waiting for months and I don’t see a date anywhere in sight


Which batch are you???


December 4 flash sale order #17xx. No news on any tracking number or even a date :sob:


Phail! Mar to Apr, now slipping to May.

“As promised this week, we are writing to you with an update on your shipment. Those of you who ordered during our flash sale, we have started the shipping process of Vs. Due to the high volume of orders and our batch ordering system, those of you in the first group, will be notified via email and receive a tracking number next week.If you do not receive an email, fear not, you will by the end of April at the latest.”


Now is already end of April hahaha let’s hope I receive something from them


@Shamsir & @no_name

They’re having problems with payment processors withholding funds - and since they work on a Just-In-Time (JIT) system to eliminate inventory holding costs, if they can’t get your money, they can’t place the order to their suppliers to start production.

Right now, even if they wanted to, they can’t ship you the device or give you a refund because the payment processors are holding the funds until devices are shipped.

So it’s a fucked up situation - they can’t produce your device because processors are holding back a large percentage of payments, and the payment processors won’t give them the money until they ship the device. Its a Catch-22, so they’re producing and shipping what they can with the trickle of payments from the processors.

The latest update is they’re looking for investors so they have a cash float so they can mitigate this problem with the payment processors. Your device may be shipped any time between now and end of June - but their commitment is if you haven’t received your device by the end of June they will give you the option to request a refund.

As one of the earliest people to receive a V (Dec 9th or 12th or 14th or something, I can never remember), my opinion is that when their system is working (i.e. when they’re not getting screwed over by payment processors) it’s really pretty damn efficient. They had the first production Vs rolling off the production line and like a week or two later mine was at my doorstep (I think the 4th Dec sale was to celebrate the first Vs being shipped).

If you can’t wait, you can raise a dispute with your credit card or PayPal or whatever. That is the ONLY way you’re getting your money back before June because your money isn’t with eve, it’s with the payment processors. Of course the problem with that is the more disputes there are, the more payment processors are going to hold payments and then everyone just gets an unpleasant s377A experience all around (that’s a Singaporean joke).

BUT If you can wait, its really worth waiting for. I own a transformer 3 pro and work around surface pros all the time and the comparatively, the V is honestly pretty damn great.

Btw @wsaenot what happened with your buttcrack in the end? I gotta be honest I been staring at your picture and I can’t see a buttcrack.

P.S. If you wanna check out a real live V, you can PM me and we can meet at Starbucks and you can buy me a coffee or something. Actually, I don’t drink coffee so just give me 9 bucks and I’ll buy a coke from 7-11 and make like 7 bucks profit. CAPITALISM!



I mark for U :grinning:


Hi wickedly, thanks for the valueble info. Seriously I’m at a cross road wondering if I should wait or go with Microsoft surface instead coz I’m beginning to lose confidence in eve. Sigh … I’ll wait till early May. If I don’t hear anything I’ll prbbaly see what are my options available to get back my money.


They mentioned they’re working on a shipping estimator so that each customer can get a better idea of when their V will arrive, so you should be able to get a better idea of how long you’ll have to wait soon.

Dude, if you can wait (as in you don’t need a device right now), I’d suggest you wait until their committed deadline of end June.

I’m not saying it will take that long, nor am I saying you will definitely receive it by end June, I’m just saying I think it’s worth giving them a chance to deliver.