Simple workaround script for V keyboard not going to sleep



This is an autohotkey script which should act as a simple workaround for the V keyboard <-> sleep (or lack thereof) problem.
What is does is simply: when you close the lid (V keyboard in this case) it will automatically lock windows.

One may also chose in power options to hibernate the V on lid close, but i have a different usage style:

  • if i want hibernate: i will just press the power button (easy enough)
  • when i want my v to run, but i want to move from room to room (1-2 minute of afk), then i just close the lid and this little script locks the screen so nothing is pressed
    • it is very easy to unlock the V, since we (i hope) all have the fingerprint set up.

Do you have any comments or suggestions? My idea is a simple one, as it tries to fix a rather simple usability problem.

I know this is the wrong github repository, but i cannot make a new one, so i hope someone will help me with that.

Heck, maybe even this category is the wrong one :laughing:


Seems a good idea, even if I hope they will fix some day this thing. I will try it on the V…once it arrives.


Thanks! I’ll try this.

Sadly my fingerprint reader isn’t working at the moment and I haven’t had time yet to go the proper problem determination procedures for support.


good work! i also push the power button for hibernating the V, so your idea of locking the screen when closed could be a nice thing for me :slight_smile:


Heh, it seems that this (lock) reminded me of the ghost touches problem:

when the keyboard is closed but V is not off, hibernate, or sleeping – just the screen is off, after a while of just pressing the back of the keyboard(imagine walking with the v in my hand – like a closed notebook (so the keys touch the V screen), permanent ghost touches appear on the screen.

It seems that the digitizer/touch panel/whatever that is called doesn’t turn off :(.

OS windows 10 home, april update.

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